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Employee Health and Wellness

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Ohio University understands and values that individual health and wellbeing is key to our community's success and productivity. Employees are encouraged to utilize the various resources available to them. 



Mental Health


    Employee Assistance Program

    Ohio University's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work/Life program is offered through Impact Behavioral Healthcare Services. Features counseling, crisis intervention, and coaching in areas of finance, parenting, time management, eating disorders, grief, LGBT issues, work concerns and work/life balance.


    Psychology and Social Work Clinic

    The Psychology and Social Work Clinic offers individual, group, couples, marital, and family therapy, along with parenting assistance and screenings or assessments related to dementia, ADHD, learning disabilities, neuropsychology, and cognitive and intellectual ability. 


    Healthy Breaks

    If you are struggling to take time out for yourself right now, try viewing wellness as a special treat that you get to enjoy throughout any given day. This mindset can help make it easier to adopt lifelong healthy habits. Start small by trying out a few 5-, 10-, and 15-minute healthy break ideas. 


    Self Care Assessment

    The web-based worksheet linked here can be used for assessing self-care. This survey is not exhaustive, merely suggestive. Feel free to add areas of self care that are relevant to you and rate yourself on how often and how well you are taking care of yourself these days. 

Additional Mental Health Resources: 


WellWorks Wellness Center




    Massage Therapy

    You deserve a massage. The WellWorks licensed massage therapist can help you: get relief from muscle pain and soreness; alleviate stress, and; detoxify—both mentally and physically. Services range from deep tissue to isometric stretching and relaxation. Massages are open to anyone and conveniently located in Grover Center on the Athens campus.


    Nutrition Counseling

    As life changes, so do eating habits. WellWorks can help! Whether you're focused on management of chronic disease, recovery from disordered eating, navigating food allergies and sensitivities, sports nutrition, or weight management, Louise Cruz RDN, LD  can guide you to make healthy food choices that fit in to your traditions, culture and lifestyle.


    Wellness Coaching

    Your goals are important. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to organize your values, beliefs, priorities and goals to help you create a strong vision of the direction you need to go next. When you've reached a point in your journey when you could use a little extra support, Wellness Coaching can help you process your thoughts to identify your goals and needs. 

Additional resources from WellWorks Wellness Center: 

Creating Community


    University Ombudsperson

    The university ombudsperson is a confidential, neutral, and informal resource available to assist any member of the university community.


    Employee Involvement

    OHIO is home to various involvement opportunities for faculty and staff including programming, university senates, affinity organizations, and professional development programs. 


    Virtual Involvement Center

    Keep Athens close to your heart and stay engaged with these virtual activities that can be done from home! Have fun solo, with your family at home, or over the internet with your faraway friends.

Additional community resources: 


Physical Health


    Diabetes Prevention and Education

    The Diabetes Institute offers diabetes education and prevention classes in a combination of virtual and in-person group settings. Whether you have been diagnosed with diabetes or told you have prediabetes, these programs will help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to prevent or manage diabetes.


    Live Healthy Appalachia (LHA)

    Lifestyle is the cause of many common chronic diseases—and that means it can also be part of treating and even reversing them. Using methods firmly grounded in research, Pivio shifts participants away from unhealthful patterns. It steers them toward a lifestyle that makes them energetic and resilient. It creates positive, long-term change. 


    Personalized Medical Guidance (PMG)

    Navigating healthcare can be confusing! PMG provides: education and guidance for medical questions; assistance in navigating the healthcare system; and access to an expansive advisory network. Experienced advisors serve as your healthcare guides and educators for your questions about medication, diagnoses, appointments, medical procedures and more.


    Online Telehealth Resources

    Ohio University's benefit partners, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Impact Solutions, have online and telehealth resources available. Telehealth visits through Anthem LiveHealth Online or other telehealth technologies used by physicians in the Anthem network are available to benefits-participating employees/spouses/partners.

Additional physical health resources: 

Financial Health


    General Employee Discounts

    Ohio University employees can enjoy discounts on products and services such as: 

    • Cell Phone Plans with AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint
    • Paint from Sherwin Williams
    • Parking at Columbus Airport
    • Technology (at Bobcat Depot)

    Discount Marketplace

    Gain access to exclusive discounts to a variety of common purchases such as hotel stays, movie tickets, home decor, appliances, vehicles, groceries, flowers, apparel, technology, and more. You can also explore live and pre-recorded videos on common wellbeing topics such as movement, fuel, recovery, and stress management. 


Benefits Eligible Employees


    100 Day Challenge

    Any University employee who is eligible to receive benefits through the University and the spouse or partner of that individual is able to participate in the WellWorks 100 Day Challenge. Eligible participants who obtain 100 visits (limit 1 per day) between July 1 and June 30 will receive an annual Facility Membership. This is a taxable benefit paid for by Human Resources. 


    Risk Reduction

    The Risk Reduction program introduces participants to the foundations of an active lifestyle and the fundamentals of movement, fuel and rest for wellbeing. The program includes weekly cohort meetings, physical activity support, educational materials, sessions with the WellWorks Nutrition Counselor and program-specific yoga classes. 


Benefits Participating Employees


    Employee Assistance Program

    Ohio University's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work/Life program is offered through Impact Behavioral Healthcare Services. The EAP is available to all Ohio University employees and their family members. Features include healthcare referrals, telehealth services, and personalized medical guidance. 

Healthy OHIO

Available to Ohio University employees enrolled in the medical plan and their benefits-participating spouses/partners, the Healthy OHIO program is intended to give participants customizable tools and resources for a variety of wellness goals. Healthy OHIO is an umbrella program that houses two sub-programs: an online/mobile wellness platform called Virgin Pulse and biometric health screenings. 


    Biometric Health Screenings

    Knowing your biometric health data - such as waist circumference, cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure and A1C blood glucose - can help you stay on top of your long-term wellbeing. By understanding trends in your health data and utilizing support resources and interventions, you can ensure you have the ability to live all of life's adventures. 


    Mobile Wellbeing

    Eligible participants can earn up to $200 per year (up to $50 quarterly) when they use the online/mobile wellness platform for customized engagement opportunities. Whether you’re looking to improve your financial well-being, focus on your fitness or spend more time with your pets, Virgin Pulse can help you define and meet your unique wellness goals.


    Wellness Champions

    Wellness Champions are Ohio University employees who wish to help their colleagues define, support and achieve wellness goals. We understand that wellness is a unique journey for each individual and every department on campus has different opportunities for wellness in the workplace. That's why we need advocates across all of our campuses!

Interpreting Health Screening Results


    Interpret Numbers and Find Support

    If you participated in a health screening this year, you may have some questions about what your numbers mean and what support might exist. Check out the resources currently available to employees, spouses and partners. 

Additional resources for benefits-participating employees and their benefits-enrolled spouses/partners: 

Occupational Health


    Professional Development Pathways

    Professional Development Pathways provides tools, guidance, and learning opportunities for employees and supervisors who want to invest in talent development and career growth. Through this program, competencies (knowledge, skills, and behaviors) required for success are clearly defined, specially-designed training and pathway programs add structure and excitement to the development journey, and meaningful development discussions and on-the-job learning experiences are encouraged. 


    Educational Benefits

    Ohio University is proud to provide access to educational benefits that support professional and educational goals. The benefit covers the instructional fee portion of tuition and is pro-rated if the employee is part-time. Non-residency fees, if applicable, are also waived for eligible employees. General fees may be waived on a course by course basis for course work which is directly related to the employee’s current position.