Graduate College

Grosvenor Hall Image

The Graduate College is located in Grosvenor Hall, 102.

 It is marked as #123 on the campus map.

Before registering, we recommend you confirm your course
selections with your academic program.

Submitting Official International Documents?

You have three options to submit the official academic documents listed in your My OHIO Student Center To-Do List: 

  • Option #1: Mail the documents to the Graduate College.

    Request the issuing institution mail the official documents in a university-sealed envelope to:

    Graduate College
    Grosvenor Hall 102

    1 Ohio University Drive
    Athens, OH 45701 

    If you mail your documents to our office, the documents cannot be returned to you.
  • Option #2: Schedule a day and time to temporarily drop off your documents to be scanned and returned.

    If your university does not issue copies of official documents, make an appointment to meet with a staff member at the Graduate College during your first semester of enrollment. Bring your university-issued/attested copies to the appointment (for more information on the requirements, please see the International Credential Requirements by Country web page). The Graduate College staff member will take the documents, make copies, and return them during the appointment.  
    Use this website to schedule the appointment: Bookings (opens in a new window)

  • Option #3: Have your documents evaluated by a NACES-member organization.

    You may choose to have an official academic credential evaluation by a NACES-member organization mailed directly to the address listed above or sent electronically to Ohio University Graduate College at ( NACES-member credential evaluations must include copies of the original university-issued academic documents.

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