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Lysistrata, from the cast

Lysistrata, from the cast

MFA Graduate student chats about School of Theater production.
Mbali Guliwe | Feb 22, 2013

LYSISTRATA – by Aristophanes
Adapted by: Ellen McLaughlin
Directed by: Brian Evans (School of Theater Faculty)
Choreographed by: Travis Gatling (School of Dance Faculty)

This  adapted  version of Lysistrata, by  Ellen  McLaughlin  was  part   of  an  international  protest  against the  burgeoning  war  in  Iraq  called  the  Lysistrata  project. The  script  carries  a  powerful message  about  the  subject  matter  of  the  gender  status  between  the  male  and  female characters. I  think  the  script  is  well  written  and  enjoyable  to  perform,  also  positively presenting  the  triumph  of  the  female  gender.  I  play  the  role  of  the  Magistrate  (Head man in Athens, Greece)  who  tries  to  win  over   the  acropolis from the women, but eventually  gives  up  and  falls to  the  idea  of  "Make  Love  Not War".  Playing  this  role  has  been  an  interesting  learning experience  because  not  only  do  I  feel  that  my  character  is  fairly  represented  in  the  script and performance,  but  also the  rehearsal  process  gave  me  a chance  to  explore  the  truth   of my  character  and  finding  ways  to  express  his  emotions   through  the  rehearsal  and  with the  help  of  Brian  Evans.  During  the  course  of  Tech rehearsals,  seeing the work that was  completed by  the  crew was  very  impressive. The  entire  tech  process was  in  fact  fast  paced  and  there  were  no  major incidents  that occurred as  far  as  I'm concerned. A part  of  the  production  is  live  music,  which creates  a  good  dynamic  to  the performance  of  the  show.  I  personally  appreciated  the collaboration  between  The  School  of  Theater  and  The  School  of  Dance. I  believe  This 
production  of  Lysistrata  has  created  a  good  relationship  between  Dance  and  Theater which  can  only  mean  good  for  the  future  productions.  Brian Evans (SOT Faculty) and Travis Gatling (SOD Faculty) worked  closely  during  the  creative  process  of  the  production and  created  an environment  for  the  actors  and  dancers  to  develop their  best  work,  I am  grateful  to  be  cast  in  the  role  of  the  Magistrate  and  working  with  talented  artists of Ohio  University.  This  experience  has  given  a  chance  to  carry  on  growing  as  an  actor and to  better  my  craft. 

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