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Yirong Zhuo

M.F.A. Printmaking

Yirong Zhuo is pursuing an MFA in Printmaking with an anticipated graduation date of 2021. He graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Art in 2016 with a BFA in Printmaking. After graduation, he founded a semi-commercial art gallery with his university professor. During this period, he held the Dali Print Art Exhibition and the Japanese Yaioi Kusama's print art exhibition and was responsible for the planning of the exhibition, the design of the propaganda and the teaching of the print art. 
Recently, his content has been inspired by his current life and learning environment. In the process of observing and capturing people's behavior and natural landscape, he explored the psychological and spiritual changes and growth of artworks in the context of Chinese and Western cultural learning. In terms of artistic style, he combines the characteristics and spirit of Chinese calligraphy and continues the traditional Chinese woodblock printing technology. 

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