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Mone'T Bouie




Mone'T Bouie

BFA Film Student

Monét Bouie was raised twenty minutes away from Cleveland in Shaker Heights, Ohio. For as long as she can remember, Monét has loved storytelling and is passionate about race relations. Rather it be through dancing, acting, or writing, she has always wanted to entertain and teach people through stories. It wasn’t until she watched the 2016 television mini-series Roots that she discovered a love and appreciation for film and the impact it had. A small match struck inside of Monét which would only grow in the oncoming years until she was completely engulfed by its flames. From there she began to ask the question: What representation was behind the camera, who's telling these stories, and what’s the significance of the stories being told? In the future, Monét plans on finishing her BFA degree at Ohio University, learn and grow from her experiences with the Cutler Scholars Program, and help pave the way for the diverse future of Hollywood.