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Medical Education Research

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Medical Education Research Group (MERG)

Thinking About, Planning, or Conducting Medical Education Research?

Staff members within the Office of Faculty Learning and Advancement lead and support innovative medical education research initiatives, projects, and grants related to teaching effectiveness and student outcomes. We also provide and support resources and inclusive programs to assist faculty members in gaining, honing, or refining medical education research skills so all faculty members who want to engage in medical education research will feel confident to do so as educator-researchers.

Please complete this form at least 3 weeks prior to submitting a medical education research project proposal or grant to ensure our office can provide you with support and guidance for your projects along the medical education research project workflow to ensure compliance with all policies and timely submissions. We will support and guide you through the project lifecycle from ideation to dissemination, including everything in between, such as navigating the HCOM and Ohio University grant and IRB submission processes, discovering project collaborators, analyzing data, developing findings, and identifying appropriate avenues for publication or presentation.



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Medical Education Research Group (MERG): A Faculty-Led, OFLA Supported Community of Practice

Mission & Purpose

To foster excellence in teaching and learning through medical education research, program evaluation, educational QI, and dissemination of best educational practices to promote the evidence-based work of the medical education discipline.


To support learner centered education that mirrors patient centered care through a culture of assessment and evidence-based approach to teaching and learning at Heritage College to train a workforce that has the right skills at the right time to improve patient outcomes.


Our values as a faculty community of practice work together to create a culture where we communicate openly, efficiently, and empathetically with each other and our colleagues across all 3 campuses and externally to create a safe space for sharing and listening to ideas, establishing clear expectations of roles and responsibilities, and keeping each other apprised of ongoing projects.

We engage and participate in shared vision, values, leadership, decision-making, and problem solving, and we respect everyone’s time by doing our best to fully participate in meetings, build enthusiasm for projects, stay on task and be productive.

We collaborate and foster creativity and ideation for projects and provide resources and support to empower our members and their ideas.

We practice respect for colleagues and intellectual property, and secure project data through a commitment to maintain confidentiality.

Our Culture: Communicate Openly, Efficiently & Empathetically, Collaborate & Inspire, Maintain Confidentiality, Engage & Participate


  • Short-term: Foster a collaborative, scholarly approach to our teaching to inform: 
    • Teaching best practices
    • Ongoing program evaluation
    • Curricular monitoring and improvement
    • Effective assessment of learner competency
  • Long-term 
    • Create a teaching academy focused on faculty development for teaching and learning
    • Generate a mechanism for awards/incentives for growth toward excellence in teaching 
    • Demonstrate value of scholarly activity of teaching and learning in promotion and tenure and through allocation of time and resources

MERG Announcements & Recognition


Meetings are held in Teams on the 3rd Thursday of each month, 12-1 p.m. ET (some exceptions due to semester schedules)


Who can Join?

Membership is open, rolling enrollments for all HCOM Instructional, Clinical, and Research faculty members, Adjunct Clinical faculty members, Staff/Administration, and Students.

How to Join

Are you currently engaging in or have a desire to engage in medical education research? We are excited to invite others to help build this important research program. If interested, please take a few moments to complete this short Qualtrics survey to be included in upcoming meetings.

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