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Programs, Resources and Services

The Office of Faculty Learning and Advancement offers various programs and services to support all faculty in their pursuit of excellence in learning, teaching, research and professional development. This page includes a list of our services, links to teaching, research and general professional development resources, and a description of programs and resources available to our Adjunct Clinical Faculty (Preceptors).

Request OFLA Services  

The following services can be requested by completing a brief questionnaire.

  • Teaching and Learning Services including but not limited to course materials review, activity development, learning objectives review, teaching observations, evidence for teaching effectiveness, training and skill development, and educator training materials 
  • Faculty Affairs and Professional Development Services including but not limited to nominations and/or letters of support, faculty recognition, dossier or portfolio development consultation, promotion and/or tenure consultation, consultation about other faculty matters, mentorship, coaching, leadership training, and conflict resolution 
  • Adjunct Clinical Faculty Consultation 
  • Medical Education Research Support including but not limited to project support, project development, data requests, and funding

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