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Digital Measures

Tracking Our Research

Ohio University requires that all colleges use Digital Measures as a mechanism to capture research-related activities of faculty and staff in a central, accessible location. The Heritage College, through the Office of Research and Grants (ORG), has been working on the implementation of this program for quite some time and will continue to do so with the assistance of our faculty and staff. Information entered into Digital Measures will also be used for Heritage College reporting purposes.

Accessing Digital Measures

Heritage College faculty and staff should have received an email notification from Digital Measures (info@digitalmeasures.com) to activate their accounts. The subject line will read, "Password Reset". Please keep in mind that Digital Measures is a commercial vendor, so the email will not have any reference to Ohio University, however, you will see the Ohio University logo on the log-in page within the Digital Measures system.

Log-In to Digital Measures

ORG Process for Data Entry

Heritage College faculty and staff are encouraged to enter their own data into Digital Measures, but ORG is also able to provide assistance with data entry of research-related activities. The ORG process is as follows:

  1. ORG will collect CVs from department chairs in/around January of each year for the initial data entry of the fiscal year. ORG will then request updated CVs from faculty and staff in/around July of each year for final fiscal year reporting.
  2. Once the information is entered from the CV, the faculty or staff member will receive an email from ORG (typically from HCOM-ORGStudent@ohio.edu or ouhcomresearch@ohio.edu) asking them to review the information. At this time, faculty and staff may also request edits to the information that has been entered on their behalf.

Important Note: External funding will not be entered into Digital Measures by ORG staff, as this information will be collected and reported directly from the LEO system.

Questions? Contact the Office of Research and Grants