Ohio University

COVID-19 Testing at OHIO

Get Tested

Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms?

Do ALL of the following:

  1. Call OHIO COVID Operations at 740-566-8445 and an OHIO COVID Campus Liaison will explain options for scheduling a test.
  2. Notify Ohio University at www.ohio.edu/reportexposure
  3. Isolate to minimize exposure to others.

Think You've Been Exposed?

Email COVIDoperations@ohio.edu or call 740-566-8445 and a COVID Campus Liaison will assess the situation and connect you with testing if needed.

Feeling Fine but Want a COVID Test?

Any OHIO employee or student who is not experiencing symptoms but would like an asymptomatic test can use this online scheduler to schedule a test on the Athens campus at the Vault Health testing location at the Ohio University Golf and Tennis center. Submit this form if you're on a regional campus and would like to request a Vault at-home test.


COVID-19 testing strategies at Ohio University include symptomatic testing to diagnose and isolate positive individuals, and asymptomatic testing to identify asymptomatic carriers of the virus, monitor its incidence, and anticipate potential outbreaks. OHIO also has implemented a wastewater surveillance testing effort as part of an early warning system to detect outbreaks in residence halls.

Ohio University has issued a Presidential Health Directive for asymptomatic testing of University community members as a necessary precaution to mitigate community health risks. Asymptomatic testing of students, faculty, and staff is accomplished through the Testing Pathway Program.