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Undergraduate BA General Theater

All of our first year undergraduate students start as BA students for a year of foundation building. At the end of the first year, all Theater students decide whether to apply for a specialized BFA degree program or work with an advisor to plan a BA degree in General Theater.

The BA allows students to obtain a more far reaching liberal arts degree in theater. The BA option allows a self-directed student more individualization in planning a degree program for his or her unique trajectory.

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A BA is an excellent choice for students who want:

  • broad study of all aspects of making theater
  • to become entrepreneurial independent artists
  • a broad liberal arts foundation before specializing in graduate school
  • a double major

(Double majors in English, history, and creative writing are not uncommon, while others, including journalism, music, criminal justice administration, pre-law, and sociology, have been successful choices.) 

The BA degree in theater includes: 70 credit hours of theater coursework distributed as follows: 


  • 22 credit hours of Theater Studies Foundations 
  • 4 credit hours of Acting 
  • 4 credit hours of Practicum 
  • 12 credit hours of Theater History, Literature and Criticism. 

Note: A total of 28 credit hours at the 2000 level or above are in the Theater Division. Only 20 credit hours may count toward the degree in one narrow area of interest, e.g., acting, lighting, publicity, playwriting, etc. No more than 4 hours of practicum, beyond the core requirement may count toward the degree. 

Additional requirements for the BA in Theater include:


University General Education Requirements:


Tier I-   

  • 3 credits Quantitative Skills
  • 6 credits English Composition

Tier II-

  • 21 credits from Applied Science and Mathematics, Cross-Cultural Perspectives, Fine Arts, Humanities and Literature, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Tier III-

  • 3 credits in a Capstone course.

Foreign Language-

  • Complete the equivalent of two years in a single foreign language

The total requirement for a BA in theater is 70 Theater credit hours. Note: No more than 72 credits in THAR courses are allowed to count towards the 120 credits needed for the BA. For more detailed information on courses required in the distribution areas, please refer to the Undergraduate Online Catalog.

You must work with your advisor to articulate the purpose of your program of study and the plan for completion. Together, you will make an approved plan for the distribution of the 28 (2000 level and above) Theater credits.

The BA is an excellent choice for many students. Discuss your educational and career goals with your advisor to decide which degree is best for you.


Brian Evans

Associate Professor of Performance
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Assistant Professor of Theater History
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