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Talking Studio

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Talking Studio is an audio discussion series focused on the creative work and experiences of students in the College of Fine Arts. By providing space for discussion, the Talking Studio hopes to shed light on the spectrum of interests and particular concerns driving students in their formative years. Contributing students include those studying dance, film, theater, music, art, design, and the interdisciplinary arts at Ohio University. A project of the College of Fine Arts at Ohio University. Discussions make space.

Talking Studio Episodes

September 14, 2017  

Episode 3:  Music Therapy: Reframing Narratives [Caitlin Kraus]

July 16, 2017  

Episode 2: "Alternatives" Biennial Juried Photography Exhibition [Faith Moore, Andrew Musil, and Cassidy Brauner]

June 30, 2017 
Episode 1: Students create alternative arts space: Station 116 [Stephen Deffett & Dan Manion]





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