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Rural Action Seasonal AmeriCorps Placements

Rural Action AmeriCorps members pose for a photo.

Rural Action mobilizes 70 AmeriCorps State/National members preforming direct service to help educate youth and the public; restore, conserve and preserve environmental resources; improve food distribution to people in poverty; support reduced waste and recycling initiatives; and support economic resilience through climate mitigation and sustainability projects. Of these positions, about 20 are seasonal or part-time positions designed to match summer or semester-based internship, service learning, leadership or practicum goals. 

Our seasonal positions focus on "boots on the ground" direct service that mitigates the climate crisis, builds a regional conservation ethic, connects community members directly to services they need and supports small organizations in program outreach. Seasonal AmeriCorps members serve 300 or 450 hours total per term (depending on the host site) with a non-profit or agency host site, with 20% of their hours focusing on training and Rural Action Corps-wide activities. Occasionally 900-hour and 100-hour positions can also be made available if it more closely matches needs of the applicant and host site.

AmeriCorps is a National Service program meant to mobilize members alongside communities and residents, living and volunteering with the populations they serve. AmeriCorps members receive a modest living allowance, Education Award, and mileage, training, and supplies reimbursement during their term. The specific amounts vary by term type, but the general compensation is $11.65 per hour living allowance, or $16.53 per hour overall compensation (upon successful term completion). (The living allowance for AmeriCorps State/National positions does not count as income in regards to SNAP or other federal social services.) Visit the AmeriCorps State/National (Direct Service) site for more details on AmeriCorps compensation.

With this stipend and other support, our AmeriCorps members put their passion and energy towards water and land conservation and access, sustainable forestry and agriculture, sustainable energy, food access, reduced waste, and wild, raucous environmental education. Most seasonal positions occur in the summer and are full time, but some cohorts are aligned with the fall or spring semester with lighter weekly hours. If your program allows hours for internships, practicums or other placements, AmeriCorps may be just the compensated service program you are looking for!




Typically summer, but there are some fall and spring semester options.

Academic Credit

AmeriCorps experiences may be accepted for internship, practicum or community project hours.

Cost & Scholarship Availability



The Beauty of Learning in Nature

"As I spend more and more time facilitating environmental education at Camp Oty'Okwa, I become more and more amazed by the sheer magic of the place! As students are learning more about the world around them minus the walls of a classroom, the power of the natural world takes over and becomes the most potent and wise teacher. I also become a student to this wise teacher as I witness the immense beauty pour out of the moment, more than I ever could have imagined!"


--Mollie Rabiner, AmeriCorps member