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Student Opportunities

The Ph.D. program has resulted in a high degree of success in placing graduates in a variety of professional settings.

University Teaching
Most graduates return to university teaching, developing interdisciplinary courses in addition to teaching in one of the arts. Ninety percent of the graduates have found full-time teaching positions in higher education.

University Administration
Many graduates of this program become administrators of fine arts/humanities programs or colleges.

Arts Administration/Education
Some graduates serve as directors of regional art centers, or curators of educational programs affiliated with museums.

Graduates who entered the program with MFA degrees often return to studio/performance careers.
Program reviews consistently note the exceptional quality, versatility, and professional activity of the school's alumni.

Over the past years, six Fulbright scholars, one Danforth Fellow, three Canada Council fellows, and nine NDEA fellows have earned the Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts. The school has been awarded "maturity status" by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, which has commended the coherence of the curriculum.

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