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What to Bring to Campus

Voigt Residence Hall
Voigt Residence Hall

Instructional supplies for course work are included in program fees, other than personal items (instruments, clothing or shoes for performance and movement, etc.). There are certain items that all students will need, and many items you may want to bring that will make your stay on campus more comfortable and enjoyable.


  • Clothing and shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for your program, walking, and being outside
  • Our facilities can be chilly during summer, please bring a sweatshirt
  • If you have one available, you may find a camera, tablet, or laptop useful during your time in the program (not required)
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Sunscreen


  • Lunch, or money/card to purchase lunch at dining hall or local restaurants


  • Bedding for twin extra-long bed (sheets, blanket, pillows, and pillowcases). If you do not have extra-long fitted sheets, we recommend bringing two flat sheets of any size. Not needed if linen package rental was selected during registration.
  • Bath towel, hand/face towel, washcloth. Not needed if linen package rental was selected during registration.
  • Personal toiletries
  • Shower shoes if desired
  • Prescription medications, if needed **medical form required
  • Laundry detergent & quarters (optional, laundry facilities available)
  • Umbrella and light jacket
  • Athletic clothing (optional, access to Recreation Center is available)
  • Personal entertainment or recreation that you may wish to share with others (i.e. board games, frisbee, etc.)
  • Money or card for incidentals (laundry, snacks, personal purchases)
  • Snacks for consumption between meals (optional) 


  • Supplies are provided but you are welcome to bring items you have that you find particularly useful for your practice (sketchbook, personal pens, markers, etc.)


  • Water bottle
  • Notebook
  • Students dance barefoot or in socks so no special footwear is needed
  • All-black outfit for final performance (can be leotard and pants, or shorts and t-shirt, etc.)
  • Other personal dance-related items as needed, such as tape, bracers, rollers, massage balls, knee pads, towel, etc.


  • Notebook
  • We have a full prop collection, but if there are specific things you wish to include in your film you are welcome to bring them

MUSIC (all students)

  • Any solo repertoire currently studying
  • Pencil
  • Concert dress: The dress for our final concerts is a casual shirt, pants or dress of your choice. No t-shirts or sweatshirts with lettering or holes, no jeans or pants with holes, and no short skirts or shorts.

Some instrumental students will need additional items as follows:


•Laptop or tablet, if available



•Mutes (if owned)


•Any personal mallets or sticks (OU will provide all instruments)


Woodwinds & Flute

  • Instrument
  • Can bring piccolo, if owned


  • Bb clarinet, including mouthpiece, ligature and reeds
  • Auxiliary instrument, such as bass clarinet, if owned


  • Instrument, including reeds


  • Instrument (if owned), including reeds


  • Instrument, including mouthpiece, ligature, and reeds


  • Notebook
  • Performance clothing to include black pants and a solid-color button- up shirt, both comfortable for movement

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