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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do students stay on campus?

Students will be staying in university residence halls, within walking distance of College of Fine Arts buildings. Rooms are double occupancy with shared bathrooms. Specific building addresses will be sent out prior to your arrival on campus.

When and where should I arrive?

Check-in for residential students is from 1:00–3:00 p.m. on the Sunday prior to the start date of your session (June 9 & June 16, 2024). Check-in is located in the residence hall where you are staying (address to be sent out prior). Parking will be available for loading/unloading.


What if I’m flying in?

The closest airport is John Glenn Airport in Columbus (CMH), about 1h 15m from campus. For students 17+ who are comfortable traveling alone, the GoBus travels between the airport and Baker Center on campus. For younger students or anyone who wants a more direct connection, University Transportation can arrange a shuttle pickup at the airport. Please contact us ASAP at if you are booking a flight so we can assist you in setting this up and coordinate with other students who may be arriving on the same day to share costs.

What do I need to bring?

Please see the What to Bring page for a full list of required and optional items.

Who will my roommate be?

Students are housed in double rooms and are assigned based on gender, age, and program. Students coming to the program with friends may request a roommate in advance.

What if I need to arrive late?

We know there are many things to schedule around during the summer. If you need to arrive after our check-in hours, please let us know in advance at When you do arrive, whether on Sunday evening or on Monday, please give us a call on our on-call staff line at 740-566-0919 and we can help get you settled in and connected to your group.


What do students do outside of class?

We have plenty of activities planned during evenings and weekends, including community activities like the Under the Elms concert series, independent films at the Athena Cinema, and activities planned by your RAs including craft nights, scavenger hunts, and a talent show! Students also have access to the Campus Recreation Center.

Extracurricular activities are optional, and students can also choose to spend time with new friends relaxing after a busy day or visiting cafés and shops in Uptown Athens. Activities are fully supervised by RA staff for the first few days of the program while students acclimatize to campus, after which students may sign out with a friend to explore campus, visit the Rec Center, etc.


What is the food like? What if I have dietary restrictions?

Our meals are held at Nelson Court Dining Hall, and you can view sample menus online. Each item is labeled for allergens, and students with questions about meal planning are welcome to reach out to our campus dietitian, Angie Bohyer, at


How much extra money will I need?

We generally recommend about $50 per week for personal spending, but this may be different for each student.

What happens at the end of the program?

Each course will have its own finale event to showcase student work–a gallery show, a film screening, a concert, etc. Family and friends are invited to join us!

Art and design exhibitions, film screenings, theater shows, and the piano and CMDI final performances are held on Friday evening after our last day of class. Voice, Band, and Dance concerts are held on Saturday, June 22. Please see your email for times. 

When do students move out?

We have multiple options for check-out so that you can plan your travel conveniently:

  • Friday June 21, 6:00–8:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, June 22, 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. or 2:00–4:00 p.m.
Can I leave campus for a day or weekend?

With parental permission, minor students may leave for the weekend, or for a day or two as needed if other obligations arise. Please communicate with us in advance to check out and check back in. We don’t recommend missing a significant amount of class time, as this can negatively affect student experience and creative production. It may also impact a student’s ability to complete their course requirements. Please communicate with us and your instructor if you have obligations that will necessitate missing class days.

How is university credit assigned?

After submitting their transcripts to and being officially accepted for the summer semester, students enroll to receive 1.0 or 2.0 university credits depending on the length of their program. Should you need a transcript to transfer credits to another institution, you can request it via the Registrar’s Office for a fee of $8.00–$10.00. There is no need to transfer credits toward a degree at Ohio University.

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