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Students handle large painting with scaffolding in studio
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Professional Fine Arts Experiences for Students

Experience the arts first hand. Hone your craft and make an impact in the community.

Ohio University and the surrounding community is home to a myriad of arts organizations, and unique vibrant opportunities for student involvement. If working at a historic art house cinema, or supporting the creative main stage events with the Tantrum Theater don't seem of interest, perhaps leading art tours with the Kennedy Museum of Art or teaching music with the Athens Community Music School seem a better fit?  


    Factory Street Studio

    The School of Dance offers opportunities for students to gain professional development through teaching artist internships at a local non-profit partner, Factory Street Studio. Interning teachers gain hands-on experience in dance education, arts administration, and choreography for children and teens in a community setting, while working with one of the only non-competitive dance studios in the state, promoting technique, self-esteem, personal growth, and a cooperative spirit in Southeast Ohio.


    Athena Cinema

    From the popcorn machine to the projection room, learn the ins and outs of the business of bringing world class films to adoring audiences at The Athena Cinema in Athens, Ohio. Students build on a foundation of customer service and event support to advance into opportunities in theater management, film projection, social media, communications, arts administration and more. Working directly with the Athena Cinema director, staff, community partners, and visiting filmmakers, students get first-hand experience in the creative and business side of this historic art house cinema— a long-revered community arts venue. Multiple Federal Work Study positions available.


    Teaching with ACMS Piano Safari

    University piano students work directly with an experienced teacher in a community music program setting, introducing young first time students to the piano through a musical journey to explore fundamental musical and technical concepts. Piano Safari is an exciting new approach to learning piano that combines the best of established traditions with innovative ideas. Student teachers will introduce young learners to the basics of music theory, reading notation, and how to play with excellent technique and musicianship. Offered every fall and spring.


    Staff the Athens Film Fest

    Be a part of putting on the largest film event in Southeast Ohio! Participate in screening and programming films for the Academy Qualifying, Athens International Film + Video Festival as well as help in bringing over 250 films from over 60 countries to Athens, Ohio for this yearly event. University students at all levels are eligible, both graduate and undergraduate.


    College of Fine Arts Summer Arts Programs

    OHIO Summer Arts offers one-week and two-week workshops in Art, Design, Music, Dance, Film, and Theater. Taught by professional artists and designed to accommodate an inclusive community of art-interested participants at a variety of skill levels. Engage in the arts at Ohio University in beautiful Athens, Ohio!

Funding Student Experiences

Ohio University is committed to putting experiential learning within reach for all students. Toward that goal, awards and grants are available to support students in pursuing experiential learning opportunities and to support faculty/staff in providing them.

Funding opportunities are available on regional campuses and the Athens campus and are supported by the Career and Experiential Learning Fee that Ohio University adopted in Fall 2018. Deadlines are mid-October and mid-March.

The College of Fine Arts has Experiential Learning funds to support students in experiencing a variety of co-curricular opportunities that help students broaden their professional network and career trajectory. Please review the eligibility requirements to apply for this funding. 

CoFA Experiential Learning Award for Special Opportunities

The College of Fine Arts has Experiential Learning funds to support a few special partnerships including:

  • Broadway Dreams (Theater)
  • Chautauqua Institute (Music, Dance, Arts Administration, and Art + Design)
  • Decorative Arts Center of Ohio (Art + Design)

If you are interested in these partnerships, please reach out directly to Courtney Kessel at


More Resources

The many arts focused programs housed within or partnering with the College of Fine Arts offer a variety of ways to gain experience, work, and internships for students throughout the year. Explore these programs to learn more.


    Kennedy Museum of Art

    The Kennedy Museum of Art is an integral part of the educational, research, and public service missions of Ohio University, enhancing the intellectual and cultural life of the University and the region through quality national and international exhibitions, collection-based research, and diverse formal and informal learning opportunities.


    Tantrum Theater

    A professional theater company that serves as a training ground providing apprenticeships for students in the Theater Division at OHIO. The name Tantrum Theater comes from a group of Ohio University graduate students who discovered that one of the collective names for a group of bobcats is a Tantrum, and the university mascot is a bobcat. Tantrum’s mission is to create and propel forward a resident professional theater company and training conservatory in Athens, OH.


    Ohio Valley Summer Theater

    Ohio Valley Summer Theater is a collaboration between the Southeastern Ohio community and Ohio University, providing theatrical productions for community enjoyment; education and training for students as they participate in productions; and performance and participation opportunities for university and community members.