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Murielle Marra




Murielle Marra

BFA Film Student

Murielle Marra was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up traveling from place to place. Her desire to not only showcase different perspectives of the world but create new and almost unimaginable worlds, originated from her love of reading and watching films. Once a camera was placed into her hands, Murielle developed an incredible passion for filmmaking. Her works are eccentric, some dealing with heavy social issues, such as the “March For Our Lives” movement, while other films are fun, little short films of her everyday life, overall each of them exploring different perspectives and a new way of looking at the world around us. Murielle is on her way to earning a BFA in Film, along with a Minor in Advertising & PR, and a certificate in Asian Studies. She hopes to use these subjects to explore different cultures and continue to provide various point of views through filmmaking.