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Jody Lamb

Jody Lamb

Jody Lamb

Professor Emeritus of Art History

Jody Lamb is an art historian who specializes in Nineteenth Century and early Twentieth Century art and the History of Photography. He has primarily written and lectured on social issues related to the late Victorian and Edwardian art world in London. He is a founder of the Historians of British Art, a professional organization of scholars and students specializing in the art and architecture of Great Britain. He continues to teach art history for the College of Fine Arts, primarily as director of two programs based in London, the December Intersession Exploring Art in London and the summer Art, Art History and Film in London and Edinburgh (the latter is offered every other year).

From 2001-2003, Dr. Lamb was Associate Director of the School of Art at Ohio University. He served as Interim Director of the School of Art for two quarters during the 2003-2004 academic year. He was Director of the School of Film from 2004-2007.

Jody has served as the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Graduate Studies since Fall of 2007. Should you visit his office in Jennings House, you will discover that he is an avid Boston Red Sox fan, with Red Sox players’ bats and other game used memorabilia on display among paintings and sculpture.

Educational Background:

B.A. University of Maine, Gorham
M.S. University of Southern Maine
M.A. Arizona State University
Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara