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Infectious and Tropical Disease Medical Fund​


This funding will directly fuel student-led research initiatives, empowering them to explore innovative solutions and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these fields.  

The Infectious and Tropical Disease Medical Fund​ aims to support medical students in gaining research experience and leading projects related to ITDI’s areas of interest. Successful applicants will receive additional funding (see Medical Student Research Seed Funding Grants) for the amount of $1,000 to support their research endeavors. 

By fostering early career engagement in infectious and tropical diseases, the fund invests in the future of global health and paves the way for breakthroughs in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Number of grants available: 5 

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Student’s Eligibility

  • All currently enrolled Heritage College medical students are eligible to apply for a Seed Grant. Open to all campuses. 
  • These grants are meant only for students with an approved proposal (approved by HCOM). 
  • DO/PhD students during their PhD years are not eligible. 

Proposal’s Eligibility and Conditions

  • Relevance to Infectious or Tropical Diseases: The primary condition is that the research proposal must directly address topics related to infectious or tropical diseases. Proposals that do not align with these areas will not be considered for funding. 
  • Acknowledgment: All publications, posters, presentations, and conference materials resulting from research funded by ITDI’s fund should list "Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute, Ohio University" in the acknowledgment section.  
  • Collaboration with ITDI Faculty or Resources: Applicants should collaborate with ITDI faculty members or utilize ITDI resources when conducting their research.  
  • Alignment with ITDI's Mission: Research proposals should clearly demonstrate how the project aligns with ITDI's mission of advancing knowledge and understanding of infectious and tropical diseases. Applicants should emphasize the relevance of their work to the goals of ITDI. 

    Learn more about ITDI’s areas of research:

  • Compliance with Research Policies: Applicants must adhere to all Ohio University and Heritage College research policies and procedures, including obtaining necessary approvals for research involving human subjects, animals, or biohazards. 
  • Research Impact and Dissemination: Funded research projects should aim to make a meaningful impact on the field of infectious and tropical diseases. Applicants should outline their plans for disseminating research findings in a manner that contributes to the broader scientific community. 
  • Preference for ITDI-Related Research: While not a strict requirement, priority may be given to research proposals that directly relate to ongoing projects or initiatives within ITDI, or that show a strong potential for collaboration with ITDI faculty and researchers. 
  • By adhering to these conditions, applicants can ensure that their research proposals are in line with ITDI's objectives and that they acknowledge the support provided by the institute. Failure to meet these conditions may affect the eligibility and consideration of the proposal for funding. 

    (Taken from Medical Student Research Seed Funding Grants) 

Identifying a Faculty Mentor and Research Project

Mentors must be US based faculty members of the Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute. 

Students are encouraged to join existing mentor-led projects but should have specific roles. 

The proposed project may be a sub-project under an approved protocol. 

IRB and/or IACUC approval must be obtained before funding release for projects involving human subjects or animals.  

Find a list of ITDI affiliated faculty here:  

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Proposal guidelines

Same as Medical Student Research Seed Funding Grants + 5-minute statement video of why the proposal should be considered by the ITDI. 

Execution timeline

12 months after the notification of award (same as Medical Student Research Seed Funding Grants). 

Application Deadline

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis until March 29, 2024. 

Selected applicants will be notified until April 12, 2024. 

Proposal Submission

Submit a full copy of the approved proposal and HCOM’s letter of approval as a single PDF document.  

In addition to the written proposal, record a 5-minute video explaining how your project meets the eligibility criteria and what motivated you to apply to the Infectious and Tropical Disease Medical Fund.  

Include a link of access to the statement video.