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OHIO Dance Division: Scholarships

Office of Student Financial Aid
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Dean's Scholarships
The Dean’s Scholarships are based on criteria established by the University Scholarship Committee (USC). These criteria are supplemented with written recommendations of the Dance Division faculty. The faculty takes into consideration factors beyond GPA and hours earned such as: talent, achievement and service. However, the final determination of an award is made by the University Scholarship Committee.

Dance Division Scholarships

The following awards are subject to criteria determined by the donors: Bailin-Stern, Bill Cratty, Hazel and Carr Liggett, Betty Milhendler, Yolanda Molnar, Ruiz/Lewis, Margaret Schuette, and the Shirley Wimmer Awards. The criteria for these are as follows:

  • The Bailin-Stern Award
    The Bailin-Stern Award is named for Gladys Bailin, Distinguished Professor of Dance, Director of the School of Dance ('83-'95) and her late husband, Murray Stern, a painter who was strongly committed to the arts. The award is for the recruitment of a gifted dance student, either freshman or transfer student.
  • The Bill Cratty Award
    Named for Ohio University School of Dance alum Bill Cratty ('73) who passed away in 1998, this award is given to an undergraduate male dance major. Bill Cratty, an internationally know modern dance choreographer danced with the Jose Limon dance company in the 1970's and 1980's and toured Europe with Mikhail Baryshnikov and the White Oak Project in 1992. He appeared in Jerome Robbin's "Broadway," did choreography for numerous dance companies, and taught dance at various colleges. In 1982, Dance Magazine called Mr. Cratty the "exciting new choreographer of the 1980's." From 1981-1988 he directed the Bill Cratty Dance Theater. In recent years he was affiliated with the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in London, England. May be awarded annually.
  • Hazel and Carr Liggett Scholarship
    This scholarship, established by an endowment from the Hazel and Carr Liggett Fund, may be awarded annually by the faculty of the Dance Division to an especially talented and promising student. Qualified candidates must have spent at least one year in the Dance Major Program and must demonstrate the following: 1. Strong evidence of achievement as dancer/performer/choreographer; 2. Keen motivation for continued work in the field of dance after graduation; 3. Potential for success in dance in the future as evidenced by current development.In the event that there are equally meritorious candidates, financial need may be a factor in consideration and/or the scholarship may be divided.
  • The Betty Milhendler Dance Scholarship
    Betty Milhendler, an Ohio University alum, class of 1945, has established this endowed fund for an outstanding dance student whose career goal is as a performer and/or choreographer. The recipient must be in the program for one year and have a 3.3 GPA or higher. Other criteria include demonstrated evidence of talent, drive, and potential contribution to the field of dance. Financial need may be a considered factor.
  • The Yolanda Molnar Scholarship Award
    This scholarship is named for Yolanda Molnar a great lover of dance who graduated from Ohio University in 1945 and went on to teach dance after receiving her MA from NYU. The award guidelines include academic merit with a minimum GPA of 2.7, and financial need may be considered. The recipient shall have demonstrated evidence of talent, dedication, drive, and potential for future contribution to the field of dance. The student's career goal should be that of a dancer, choreographer, or dance teacher.
  • The Ruiz/Lewis Memorial Dance Scholarship Award
    This fund was established in the memories of Helen Ruiz and Tim Lewis who were dance majors. To be eligible, the recipient must be a member of an under-represented population. The student must be fully matriculated and demonstrate a high degree of potential or evidence of achievement as a dancer, choreographer, or scholar and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • The Margaret Schuette Scholarship
    This scholarship, endowed by Margaret Schuette, a graduate of the program in 1972, is to be awarded to a dance student demonstrating a high degree of commitment, talent, and potential as a dancer/performer/choreographer. The recipient must have been enrolled in the dance program for at least on year and have strong motivation to continue to work in the field of dance after graduation. Financial need may be a factor in consideration. May be awarded annually.
  • The Shirley Wimmer Award
    This endowed scholarship, established to commemorate the Founding Director of the School of Dance (now Dance Division), may be awarded by the faculty to an especially outstanding student of exceptional talent. Criteria: excellence of achievement as a dancer/performer /choreographer or in another closely related endeavor in dance; strong motivation to continue to work in the field of dance after graduation; and overall contribution to the Dance Division. In the event that there are equally meritorious candidates, financial need may be a factor in consideration and/or the scholarship may be divided.