Ohio University

IT Service Management Enhancement

The implementation of the TeamDynamix IT service management tool will lead to improved customer service, with greater transparency and more advanced management of IT services. The project introduces a new client portal for campus users to request services or report issues. It also allows IT employees to manage those requests more efficiently, as well as to manage equipment, solve large-scale issues and report on upgrades and changes that affect campus users. The project is expected to improve business processes, enhance reporting capabilities, and allow more customization to meet unique needs of Ohio University.

Key milestones and descriptions of each module are provided below. Training information will be added as available.

Key Milestones

A visual summary of the information reflected in the table below
* A simple client hub will be launched during Phase 1. Campus users will be able to track tickets and request top services using customized forms, with remaining requests routing to a standard form. Phase 2 will build a more advanced client hub by refining the work done in Phase 1. This will include developing forms and workflows for remaining incidents and requests, as well as integrating the service catalog and knowledge articles.

Project Modules

Module Description Timeline Design, Configuration & Testing Training Launch Contact
Change Enablement Implement a change enablement module with updated workflows and processes to review incident and change errors and make improvements in a short timeframe. Phase 1 April-May 2021 June 2021 June 2021 Mary Jeffreys
Client Hub Create a client hub that is easy to navigate and provides transparency into ticket status for end users. Phase 1 will include forms for top service requests, and phase 2 will include additional forms, as well as integrating the service catalog and knowledge base. Phase 1 March-Oct. 2021 June - July 2021 July 2021 Sarah Riddlebarger
Incident and Request Management Replace Footprints 12 with TeamDynamix ticketing system with standard workflows and processes for all departments and provide the ability to report against SLAs and OLAs. Phase 1 March-June 2021 June - July 2021 July 2021 Mary Jeffreys
Asset Management Implement a CMDB (configuration management database) and standard workflows and processes to support equipment lifecycle management and identify recurring problems. Phase 2       Steve Romine
Service Catalog Migrate the existing service catalog into the client hub and separate help documentation into knowledge base. Link services to custom forms that allow users to easily create incident and service requests. Phase 2       Sarah Riddlebarger
Knowledge Management Migrate service desk and end user support documentation to TeamDynamix knowledge base and evaluate potential for use on other teams. Phase 2       Amanda Davis
Problem Management Implement a problem management module and develop workflows and processes to review major incidents, identify root causes, and make improvements to prevent problems from recurring. This module will integrate with asset management to tie problems to configuration items. Phase 2       Chris Hayes
Project Management Assess the TeamDynamix module for project management as a potential replacement for Jira. Phase 3 Spring 2022     Amanda Davis

Core Project Team

Role Name Title
Project Sponsor Jeffrey Wolfe IT Senior Manager, End User Support
Project Manager Heidi Wilhelm IT Project Manager III
Technical Lead Bret Swart Application Administrator
Technical Lead Jon Seastedt Application System Analyst I
Change Management Lead Julie Chiki Campus Engagement Specialist II

Steering Committee

Jeffrey Wolfe, OIT Senior Manager, End User Support and Project Sponsor

Anne Green, OIT Senior Manager, Infrastructure

Chris Hayes, OIT Manager, Enterprise Middleware & Integration

Toni Marinucci, OIT Manager, Information Delivery

Jodie Penrod, Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Senior Director, Technology

Sarah Riddlebarger, OIT Manager, Service Ownership

Larry Tumblin, Director of Information Technology for Regional Higher Education

Project Communication To Date

Date Audience Article Title & Link
May 12, 2021 OHIO IT TeamDynamix training coming soon
May 7, 2021 OHIO IT Updated timeline, project structure for IT Service Management Enhancement
April 1, 2021 OHIO IT TeamDynamix teams work to improve the user experience for IT and campus users 
March 10, 2021 OHIO IT Teams tackle service request, ticketing and asset management processes with TeamDynamix
February 17, 2021 OHIO IT TDX implementation teams share early successes, next steps
February 3, 2021 OHIO IT New channel created to ask questions about TeamDynamix