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New IT Service Delivery and Support service announced

December 8, 2021

This article was originally published in the December 8, 2021 IT Weekly.

A new IT Service Delivery and Support service has launched, with service offerings including incident and service request management, change enablement, problem management, and the chatbot. This is currently defined as an underpinning IT service offered internally to OHIO IT only.

The initial focus of the service will be improvements to ticketing and change enablement in TeamDynamix, with the potential to offer ticket-related services to campus stakeholders in the future. The service is supported by a new service team working together within an agile framework.

High-priority items on the backlog currently include creating ticket forms for new service offerings, introducing a public-facing change calendar, and determining key success metrics for ticketing. These priorities may shift as new issues emerge and the backlog is refined as part of our agile planning and delivery approach.

As OHIO IT matures in ITSM practices, the operational strategy and continuous improvement for TDX applications outside the scope of the new service will be addressed, including asset management, knowledge management, and the service catalog.

For a full view of all TDX module backlogs, those with Confluence access can visit the Jira structures page for the project. Please contact Kevin Zhang, service owner for IT Service Delivery and Support, with questions.