Ohio University

Information Security: IT Services

Report an Information Security Incident

An information security incident is anything that indicates a threat to computer systems or university data. You can report a potential information security incident by email to security@ohio.edu or by phone to 740-566-7233. If the incident involves life or safety, call 911 immediately. When reporting by email, provide relevant details and be aware that the Information Security Office will contact you with next steps.

Information Security Consulting

The Information Security Office provides consultation to the university for outlining the minimum care necessary for sensitive data. These include standards, procedures, and guidelines, and the tools available for maintaining a secure environment.

Security Awareness Training

Basic information security training on topics including data protection best practices, social engineering, phishing, privacy, and introductions to data regulations such as FERPA, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Data Recovery & Forensics

The Information Security Office provides data recovery and forensic services by request of specific departments that have investigative authority.

Risk Assessments

The Information Security Office offers departments a range of information security assessments based on established frameworks and best practices to help departments identify and prioritize risks to university information.


New technology evaluation, training, and auditing to ensure technology used by the University is easily accessible by individuals with disabilities.