Ohio University

IT Governance

IT governance encourages best and highest use of IT resources by defining decision-making processes and ensuring that resources are allocated in alignment with University priorities. The process engages the campus community to solicit input to inform decisions, empower decision-making, and make decisions more transparent.

Governance happens at multiple levels throughout the year.

  • At the broadest level, OIT engages with the campus community through our IT Annual Survey, and our Service Owners create current and future road maps for the services they manage.
  • Advisory Communities will be established by IT Service Owners to discuss specific IT services on a regular basis. These meetings will be open to anyone at the University.
  • Standing Committees, composed of appointed members and chairs, will establish standards and define processes for key areas that impact a variety of stakeholders.
  • Finally, the IT Strategy and Governance Committee, a representative group charged by the President, will address budget decisions for IT strategic proposals.