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TeamDynamix ticketing officially replaces Footprints 12

July 29, 2021

This article was originally published in the July 29, 2021 IT Weekly.

The Technology Help Center and TeamDynamix ticketing for incidents and service requests officially launched Sunday evening, with more than 300 tickets created in the new system within the first 24 hours, and more than 150 tickets completed. Thank you to everyone who moved tickets, provided feedback, asked questions, and contributed to the successful launch and large milestone in the project! 

The project team will continue to update the project webpage with documentation and FAQs throughout the next few weeks. If you own a Confluence Wiki page with references to Footprints 12, please review and update documentation to reflect new practices in TeamDynamix. Service requests to update TeamDynamix can continue to be made through the Ticketing Portal (TeamDynamix) form. 

If you haven’t been following the OHIO IT TeamDynamix channel, check it out for some collaborative problem solving of TeamDynamix questions. Please continue to post questions in the channel rather than messaging individual team members so the answers can benefit everyone and reduce duplicative work. 

Next steps in the IT Service Management implementation include a public-facing change calendar and continued iteration and improvement of the ticketing application. Project leads and teams have also been identified for the work needed in building the upcoming modules for the service catalog and knowledge, asset, and problem management.