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Information Technology Policies

PolicyAbstractImpactRelated Links/FAQs
Acceptable Usage 91.003
This policy sets forth the standards by which all users may use the shared campus-wide network.
Users interacting with Ohio Systems, data, identities, and accounts used to access Ohio systems, the Ohio network, and any university data.
University Credentials 91.004
This policy outlines those protections that must be observed by individuals, technical staff, and systems using credentials at the University.
Anyone who has been issued OHIO credentials.
Information Security 91.005
This policy provides a framework to continuously protect and secure Ohio University’s data and information resources and comply with and maintain legal and contractual requirements. This policy also grants authority for the Information Security Governance Committee to create and publish information security standards.
Faculty, staff, student employees, third party agents, and any other authorized university affiliates accessing sensitive data.
The IT Governance Cycle
Information Security Risk Management 91.006
This policy establishes the Information Security Risk Management Program, the formal process to manage information security risks to Ohio University.
All data created, collected, stored, processed or transmitted by the university and Ohio systems.
Data Classification 93.001
This policy establishes that all information assets will be classified according to their need for confidentiality, integrity and availability.
All data created, collected, stored, processed or transmitted by the university and OHIO systems.
Information Technology Accessibility 04.001
This policy establishes standards and expectations to facilitate the deployment of information technology that has been designed, developed, or purchased to be accessible to people with disabilities, including those who use assistive technologies.
All information technology that is acquired, distributed, purchased, developed, implemented or substantially modified after the effective date of this policy, by or for any Ohio university administrative or academic unit and used to provide university programs, services, or activities.
Digital Accessibility