Ohio University

Office of Information Technology

System Status


    Monday, December 17

    Ohio University now offers free telephone audio-conferencing to current students and most full-time faculty and staff via Microsoft Teams. Eligible users can create online meetings in Teams that allow remote participants to dial into the audio portion of the meeting if they do not have access to the Teams app. The feature also can be used like a traditional audio conference bridge line.

    Tuesday, November 6

    On Dec. 19, 2018, OIT will take Blackboard Learn offline for what should be the last extended maintenance outage of its kind. From a feature standpoint, this will be a typical upgrade with a mix of new capabilities, improvements to existing tools, and bug fixes. From a convenience standpoint, this upgrade will be anything but typical, because it will eliminate the need for maintenance outages in the future. To make this happen, we will need one last multi-day outage. Based on similarly sized institutions who have performed this same upgrade, Blackboard Learn will be unavailable from 12:01 pm on Dec. 19 through 12:01 am on Dec. 25.  

    Thursday, October 18

    Information security incident reporting at Ohio University is everyone’s responsibility. Learn more about how and when to report an incident.