Ohio University

Office of Information Technology

System Status


    Monday, January 28

    To provide a better wi-fi experience for faculty, staff and students, OIT will retire the OHIO University network name in favor of eduroam at the end of spring semester. Eduroam is just as fast and secure as OHIO University with the added benefit of free wi-fi access at hundreds of universities worldwide

    If you have any computers, phones or tablets that connect to the OHIO University wi-fi, we recommend switching to eduroam before the end of the semester. You will receive periodic email reminders about this change as long as you still have devices that connect to "OHIO University."

    Monday, December 17

    Ohio University now offers free telephone audio-conferencing to current students and most full-time faculty and staff via Microsoft Teams. Eligible users can create online meetings in Teams that allow remote participants to dial into the audio portion of the meeting if they do not have access to the Teams app. The feature also can be used like a traditional audio conference bridge line.

    Thursday, September 6

    To support the University’s decision to brand itself exclusively as “OHIO," OIT will retire the ohiou.edu internet domain in favor of ohio.edu on Dec. 21, 2018. From December 21, 2018 through June 30, 2019, ohiou.edu web addresses will redirect to a page that informs visitors of the name change and recommends that they replace “ohiou.edu” with “ohio.edu” in the address they were trying to reach.