Ohio University

Office of Information Technology

System Status


    Monday, May 20

    Starting on June 2, 2019, the OHIO Generic default theme in Qualtrics will be updated to better match the university’s current web design standards. This change is purely cosmetic and requires no action on your part.

    Tuesday, May 14

    Starting May 22, 2019, OIT will enable a feature in Catmail to help you identify sensitive data like Social Security numbers in outgoing email and reduce the risk of distributing that data. Although this new feature will block emails that contain SSNs in some instances, it is still your responsibility to handle sensitive data appropriately.

    Thursday, May 9

    At 5:00 am on May 12, 2019, OIT will finish retiring the OHIO University wi-fi network in favor of eduroam. On the odd chance that one of your devices loses wi-fi access after May 12, you can fix it by opening your wi-fi settings and choosing eduroam. When prompted to login, use your full @ohio.edu email address and your OHIO password

    Friday, May 3

    If you have a copy of  Windows 7 or Microsoft Office 2013 on a university-owned computer, you can expect to hear from OIT during May about upgrading to a supported version.  This upgrade is necessary for several reasons. Most importantly, Windows 7 and Office 2013 are no longer receiving updates from Microsoft. 

    Wednesday, May 1

    Beginning on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, faculty and staff must contact the IT Service Desk when requesting access to Finance-related systems. This change only applies to access/provisioning requests, and turnaround times will not change. The only difference will be that you will speak with an IT Service Desk technician instead of a Finance Customer Care representative. Finance Customer Care will continue to handle all other Finance-related inquiries.

    Monday, March 4

    On March 9, OIT will enable a security feature in Catmail called Safe Links and will release a new version of the OHIO login page that requires users to enter their full @ohio.edu email address instead of just their OHIO ID to login. Normally, we would provide several weeks’ notice for a change like this. In this case, we have chosen to accelerate the timeline to provide additional protection against a recent uptick in phishing scam attacks. Spring break represents our best opportunity to implement these measures quickly while minimizing impact on the university community.

    Both changes are part of a broader campaign to enhance online communication security at Ohio University. 

    Monday, January 28

    To provide a better wi-fi experience for faculty, staff and students, OIT will retire the OHIO University network name in favor of eduroam at the end of spring semester. Eduroam is just as fast and secure as OHIO University with the added benefit of free wi-fi access at hundreds of universities worldwide

    If you have any computers, phones or tablets that connect to the OHIO University wi-fi, we recommend switching to eduroam before the end of the semester. You will receive periodic email reminders about this change as long as you still have devices that connect to "OHIO University."