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New asset management processes developed in preparation for TDX launch

November 19, 2021

This article was originally published in the November 19, 2021 IT Weekly.

Next up in the IT service management enhancement project is asset management, with the launch and training planned for December. This article provides a more in-depth overview of the tool and new processes that will guide management of OHIO IT’s assets and configuration items (CIs). 

Asset management will allow OHIO IT to maintain easily accessible information on assets and CIs, with the main goal of improving support. The tool includes both assets, defined as a physical item that contributes to the delivery of an IT product or service; and CIs, defined as any component of a service that needs to be managed to deliver an IT service, such as virtual machines, applications, and integrations. 

The minimum viable product (MVP) launching in December will include just two applications, Titanium and Transact Cloud POS, along with the connected CIs that support those applications, such as servers, databases, virtual desktops, clusters and integrations. Limiting the initial scope has allowed the team to be methodical in developing a foundation that can be built upon, including creating efficient processes and ensuring accurate data can be maintained.  

As items are added to the asset management module, they are linked to related assets and CIs using dependencies and relationship maps. If a server were having issues, for example, a technician could easily find information about what applications were running on that server and could be affected, as well as who owns and supports those applications. Similarly, technicians could look up an application and find out what servers or databases are required for its operation and who supports them. If a network switch needed repairs, a technician could also use the asset management module to determine where the switch was physically located. 

The connections to other ITSM processes provide additional information. Technicians could review every incident or change request ticket connected to a particular application or piece of hardware, which might help identify patterns that could result in a problem ticket. And although adding and updating asset and CI information will be a manual process in the MVP, the eventual goal is to automate many of those updates to ensure the data is up-to-date and as useful as possible.  

Asset management processes will vary by team, so we will rely on manager recommendations for training attendance. Individuals will receive calendar invites for training once the list of required attendees is finalized. Training will be held December 6 (1-2 p.m.) and December 14 (2-3 p.m.). Both sessions will cover the same information, and a recording will be available for those who cannot attend. Documentation will be shared with invitees prior to training for review.