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Teams tackle service request, ticketing and asset management processes with TeamDynamix

March 10, 2021

This article was originally published in the March 10, 2021 IT Weekly.

The TeamDynamix work groups have taken a close look at internal processes in the last several weeks to lay a foundation in our TeamDynamix implementation that reflects current best practices and identifies areas for improvement in our IT service management.

The client portal team has identified the top services as determined by ticket volume in the last two years to highlight on the public-facing client portal. This will help end users easily request services and find relevant self-help resources. The team is now taking a deeper look at those top services to identify specific requests end users can make under each service.

On the back end, the incident and request management team are refining ticket categories to help streamline ticket management. Categories that have been unused for 18 months or more will receive a more thorough review as candidates for removal. The team is also exploring the ability to add building and room data for tickets submitted about a specific location.

The user management team is identifying user traits that may be able to provide users from specific groups additional access to services relevant only to that area and not the entire campus. They are also exploring the possibility of allowing certain users to follow or monitor tickets that they are not assigned to.

Although asset management officially launches in phase 2, the team is starting to lay the groundwork now for the new tool, mapping what assets and other configurable items need to be tracked and exploring integrations with existing enterprise apps such as Jamf, SCCM and Intune. 

Looking ahead, OIT will purchase Optimal Workshop, a new tool for usability testing, that is expected to inform the client portal and ticketing platform refinement with detailed user data.

A new TeamDynamix website is now live with an overview of the project and links to all past communication. As a reminder, all OHIO IT employees are also able to ask questions about the project using the TeamDynamix channel under OHIO IT in Teams.