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ITSM Enhancement project concludes

July 15, 2022

This article was originally published in the July 15, 2022 IT Weekly.

The launch of the TDX knowledge base and service catalog marks the end of the initial ITSM Enhancement, a project that spanned 1.5 years and impacted nearly every OHIO IT employee and all campus users seeking IT support. A full history of the project, including timeline and previous communications, is available on the IT Service Management Enhancement site. 

Five hundred web pages were published in the knowledge base and service catalog, and the Technology Help Center has received more than 47,700 unique page views since the launch on June 23. The service catalog received more than 23,600 visits, and the knowledge base had more than 10,500 views. Users have submitted feedback on 13 help articles so far, with 26 total votes and several comments to improve the content.  Help articles have been attached to more than 30 tickets, the most popular of which are Getting started with a shared mailbox or calendar and Combining course sections in Blackboard Original

The project team is developing a more extensive list of metrics to track the use and continuous improvement of the knowledge base and service catalog, and Proactive Support will continue analyzing ticket submissions to determine the impact of the knowledge base and continue developing resources to support users proactively. 

Training Resources 

The project website has been moved to the completed projects section of the Major Initiatives website. All training materials are still available on the TeamDynamix Technician Training page, with an updated URL. The Knowledge Management Process Documentation is in the process of being updated to reflect new information learned post launch regarding updates to published articles and reviewing feedback. 

Transition to ITSDS Service Team 

The ongoing work to support and improve the usage of TeamDynamix will transition to the IT Service Delivery and Support Service Team, currently led by Bret Swart. This service team’s charge now includes continuous improvement of ticketing, change enablement, problem management, knowledge management, and the service catalog. 

Project Management Module Update 

A new project will be initiated to review institutional needs for project and portfolio planning capabilities as well as a fit-gap analysis to help us decide how best to position and configure current and future technology solutions such as Jira and the TDX Project Management module. Look for more in an upcoming newsletter article. 


Thank you to all who participated in the IT Service Management Enhancement Project, including those who attended training and adapted their ways of working to the new systems. More than 45 individuals contributed to the overall project implementation. For the knowledge management and service catalog project specifically, we would like to thank the following individuals: Jeffrey Wolfe (project sponsor), Cody Sigmon (product owner), Leigh Casal (scrum leader), Bret Swart and Jon Seastedt (technical leads), Liz Murphy (business analyst), Julie Chiki (change lead), and development team members Joy Cobb, Laurie Griffin, Cortney Hill, Cody Saylor, Ross Shaffer, Kailee Slusser, and Nicole Wires