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Clarifications on TeamDynamix launch timeline

June 30, 2021

This article was originally published in the June 30, 2021 IT Weekly.

To provide customers with a seamless transition from Footprints 12 to TeamDynamix, the IT Service Management Enhancement Project has outlined additional details of the phased launch, beginning on July 12:

July 12 – July 16: OIT Internal Launch 

  • In order to minimize the amount of manual ticket entry the following week, begin evaluating your Footprints 12 ticket queue to identify tickets that can be closed by July 23 
  • All IT staff will have access to TDNext and the option to test and provide feedback via a (Ticketing Portal) TDX service request  
  • If you are testing, please start the ticket title with “FAKE TICKET” 

July 19 – July 23: OIT Internal Launch 

  • IT staff should work to close all tickets that can be resolved in Footprints 12 by July 23 
  • IT staff will recreate any remaining open Footprints 12 tickets they are responsible for in TeamDynamix by July 26 - if those tickets would remain open past this date - using message templates provided on July 19 
  • Tickets manually moved from FP12 to TDX will need to include the FP12 SR/INC number in the title of the new TDX ticket 

July 26: Campus Launch 

  • All new tickets will be created in TeamDynamix (beginning July 25 at 6:15 pm) 
  • Any remaining open Footprints 12 tickets will be manually moved to TDX by the project team 
  • Help.ohio.edu will be available for all users to create and view their tickets 
  • Ticket creation and editing will be disabled in FP12. Legacy tickets can still be viewed 

Thank you to all who have attended training and provided feedback so far. Recordings of the training and additional resources will be posted on the TeamDynamix Technician Training page once training is complete. Please post any questions or concerns in the OHIO IT TeamDynamix channel or bring them to the Q&A sessions planned for the week of July 5.