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OHIO’s Digital Accessibility Network

The OHIO Digital Accessibility Network (OHIO-DAN) is a university-wide, interdisciplinary group of volunteers who are committed to helping Ohio University not only improve its current tools to meet accessibility goals, but also incorporate best practices in coding, content creation, and the IT purchases we make. 

OHIO-DAN members contribute to these goals in many ways, including:

  • User-testing
  • Continuing education (webinars, tutorials, etc.)
  • Monthly gatherings and other events
  • Outreach to share what they have learned with colleagues

OHIO policy makes it clear that we all are responsible for helping make digital accessibility a reality. Fortunately, working together toward great goals is something Bobcats do well. While many digital accessibility enhancements are simple, changing the way we work is not always easy. The OHIO-DAN is here to help.

One way to start raising awareness for digital accessibility is to print these persona posters in your area to help everyone start to understand how websites, applications, documents and other digital assets can be better designed for everyone. 

Get involved

The OHIO-DAN is a great way to pool ideas, talents, skills and knowledge to improve technology for students, faculty and staff with disabilities. If you would like an opportunity to add some valuable, in-demand skills to your CV or resume, or if you are member of any of the groups below, consider joining the OHIO-DAN:

  • Campus communicators
  • Designers
  • People living with disabilities
  • Distributed IT
  • Website content contributors, designers and developers
  • Web application designers and developers
  • Educational technology professionals
  • Educators and students
  • Anyone who buys or recommends IT purchases
  • Anyone who creates documents

Join OHIO-DAN today