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New status available in TDX to hold tickets

May 12, 2022

This article was originally published in the May 12, 2022 IT Weekly.

Starting this week, users in TDX will be able to place a ticket in an “On Hold” status. This status feature is useful in instances where a customer specifies a future date to implement an action, such as removing a user’s access to an application at an identified end date. To utilize this new status, you must enter an “off-hold date,” which we suggest being a maximum of two weeks from the date the ticket was placed on hold. Exceptions to this two-week period can occur at the request of the customer. IT teams and managers should reserve using this status for tickets where customers specify a specific action date. If you have questions regarding use of this status or best practices, please reach out to Lisa Rudy.

Shows a series of three screens. The first displays the actions menu dropdown with Update as the first option. The second shows a required "new status" field, with "On Hold" highlighted in the dropdown menu. The third shows a required "goes off hold" field, selecting a date two weeks into the future.