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Tuesday, November 6

On the evening of December 19, 2018, OIT will take Blackboard Learn offline for what should be the last extended maintenance outage of its kind. From a feature standpoint, this will be a typical upgrade with a mix of new capabilities, improvements to existing tools, and bug fixes. From a convenience standpoint, this upgrade will be anything but typical, because it will eliminate the need for maintenance outages in the future. To make this happen, we will need one last multi-day outage. Based on similarly sized institutions who have performed this same upgrade, we expect Blackboard Learn to be unavailable for 4-5 days. 

Wednesday, October 31

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Top Hat specialist Kara Dingboom will present a series of workshops on the Athens campus that show how to use Top Hat to increase student engagement. Topics will include:

  • Pedagogical benefits
  • Basic setup
  • Advanced question types
  • Authoring content
  • Finding free and low cost instructional materials
  • Using Top Hat at events, conferences, and other non-classroom locations
Thursday, October 18

Information security incident reporting at Ohio University is everyone’s responsibility. Learn more about how and when to report an incident.

Thursday, September 6

To support the University’s decision to brand itself exclusively as “OHIO," OIT will retire the ohiou.edu internet domain in favor of ohio.edu on Dec. 21, 2018. From December 21, 2018 through June 30, 2019, ohiou.edu web addresses will redirect to a page that informs visitors of the name change and recommends that they replace “ohiou.edu” with “ohio.edu” in the address they were trying to reach.

Thursday, August 23

As part of ongoing efforts to improve data security, Ohio University has established a new annual password change requirement for employees. Password expirations will be phased in gradually over the next several months. To minimize the impact of this change, faculty will not be required to change outdated passwords during high demand times like the start and end of a semester. 

Thursday, August 16

Email scams can take many forms, but they all have one thing in common. They all ask you to provide your password or other personal information. If you receive a message that asks you to log into a website or reply with personal information, it is a scam. Learn more about how to protect yourself from email scams.

Friday, August 10

To connect a TV, game console, streaming device, smart speaker, wireless printer, or other device that does not support eduroam, use the new Device Registration tool to register your device for the guest network (you must be on the campus network to use this tool). 

Friday, July 20

The Pulse Secure VPN client was retired on July 20, 2018 along with the web-based SSL VPN. If you need to connect to secure university online services using a VPN, please switch to using the new Campus VPN.

Friday, June 22

Accessing secure University online services from off-campus now is significantly faster, more flexible, and protected by multi-factor authentication, thanks to the new Campus VPN.

Friday, May 25

As of May 25, 2018, the Box to OneDrive transition is in full swing. OIT staff have copied all departmental accounts and approximately one third of individual employee accounts to OneDrive, and we remain on schedule to finish the remaining employee accounts by the end of July.