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TeamDynamix teams embrace agile framework to develop MVPs

September 23, 2021

This article was originally published in the September 23, 2021 IT Weekly.

The IT service management project is shifting toward an agile framework, which will delegate more authority to subproject leads to determine strategy and facilitate more iterative work to develop the minimum viable products (MVPs). This approach is ideal for the next set of modules where the processes are still maturing, since it provides teams a chance to continue learning and adjust as needed to quickly create value.  

The agile approach, which has been outlined in recent IT Weekly articles, includes user stories developed by each team, backlog refinement processes to prioritize work, and time-boxed sprints that provide deadlines for segments of project work. Each TDX project team is taking a slightly different approach in their implementation, providing a wide range of IT employees the opportunity to experience and experiment with agile practices across the organization.  

The subproject leads, also known as product owners in agile terms, will be setting the vision for the teams and determining prioritization of work. Dave Belville is the subproject lead for problem management, Ian Isham is leading the asset management team, and Cody Sigmon is leading the service catalog and knowledge management team.