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TDX Service Catalog and Knowledge Management launch plans, change freeze announced

April 21, 2022

This article was originally published in the April 21, 2022 IT Weekly.

The next TeamDynamix modules of the IT service management project, the service catalog and knowledge base, are nearing implementation, with a soft launch planned for May 31 and a hard launch on June 23, when the changes will be announced to campus and content migrated into TDX will be archived on OIT’s Web CMS site. 

The soft launch for both the service catalog and knowledge base is planned for Tuesday, May 31. This launch phase will enable campus users to use to find relevant help articles and services, as well as continue submitting help tickets, but nothing will be announced publicly. This will allow time for website managers outside of OIT to redirect links on their web pages to new content in TDX, as well as give OHIO IT time to retrain the chatbot and conduct knowledge base training. TDNext users will also be able to attach knowledge base articles in TDX directly to ticket responses. 

Training will be held in early June between the soft and hard launches for OHIO IT content contributors. The same training session will be held twice, on June 7 and June 13, to provide multiple attendance options. Sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live training. More details will be shared in the coming weeks. 

In preparation for the hard launch, a change freeze will be implemented for all pages under, including service catalog and help content pages. The last day to publish changes in Web CMS will be May 20. The change freeze will ensure content can be finalized in TDX and prevent accidental archiving of new content added to Web CMS pages. 

The TDX service catalog and knowledge base will be announced to campus on Thursday, June 23. All pages under will be archived and redirects will be strategically implemented to point to new TDX content. The hard launch marks the end of the change freeze, and new content can be published starting on June 23.

Launch Timeline

  • Friday, May 20 – Last day to publish changes for all pages under
  • Tuesday, May 31 – Soft launch of service catalog and knowledge base 
  • Tuesday, June 7 & Monday June 13 – OHIO IT training for knowledge management and service catalog 
  • Thursday, June 23 – Hard launch and announcement to campus; change freeze lifted