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TDX Service Catalog launches to OHIO IT

April 7, 2022

This article was originally published in the April 7, 2022 IT Weekly.

An updated service catalog, designed with end users in mind, has been added to TeamDynamix and made available to administrative and classified OHIO IT employees. The new user-facing catalog will launch to campus users through the Technology Help Center, along with the TDX knowledge base, in summer 2022. OHIO IT, as defined in the October 29, 2021 IT Weekly, includes all OIT employees and IT employees with a job family of Information Technology or Instructional Technologist. 

The TDX service catalog was developed after extensive usability testing done in partnership with UCM and is designed to help users find information where they are most likely to seek it. When comparing the old and new catalog structures, the overall success rates in the usability tests increased from 29 to 60 percent for students and from 37 to 63 percent for faculty. Websites are considered highly usable when success rates reach 60 percent, indicating users find the information they are looking for on their first try 60 percent of the time. A detailed summary of usability test results is available in the IT Service Catalog Usability Testing Findings report

The TDX service catalog is considered an external catalog and will not replace the internal service catalog used by OIT to manage services. Eventually, a series of tags will allow users to identify services based on the internal catalog—if, for example, they wanted to identify all service offerings in the Learning Spaces service. (Please note that the internal service tags have been applied but are currently under review by the vendor to ensure they behave as expected before the public launch date.) TDX also allows services to be cross listed in different service categories. For example, a user could find information about Microsoft Teams under Phones, Video, or Microsoft Office 365. Review the updated service catalog structure for an overview of the changes, including cross-listed locations.

Because the service catalog and knowledge base are closely intertwined in TeamDynamix, they will be launched to campus users at the same time later this year and replace the existing service catalog and help content on the OIT website. Once launched, users will be able to submit tickets directly from service catalog pages. Those responding to tickets will also be able to link knowledge articles in their responses, suggest improvements to articles, and submit new articles for consideration in a more streamlined way. Training information will be forthcoming later this spring. 

Please note, when viewing the new service catalog in TeamDynamix, any yellow highlighted links indicate a link to a Web CMS page that has not yet been migrated.