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Emerging best practices for TDX ticketing

September 30, 2021

This article was originally published in the September 30, 2021 IT Weekly.

TeamDynamix ticketing has been in production for more than two months, and best practices continue to emerge as questions arise and we mature in our ticketing and ITSM practices. The following is a summary of the newest best practices. The Ticket Status Definitions and Best Practices document has also been updated for your reference.

Closing ticket tasks

By design, TeamDynamix allows users to resolve and close tickets that still have open tasks. Use the following guidance when working with ticket tasks: 

  • If you are assigned a task, make sure to mark only your task complete, and not the entire ticket. 
  • Don't mark tasks complete that are assigned to someone else.  
  • Don't move tickets to Resolved until open tasks are assessed. Check with the person or team(s) with open tasks to assess their status. If you are unsure about task status, leave the ticket open.  
  • You can create an alert to receive an email once all tasks are completed. Open the My Alerts tab on the ticket, then click the green +Add button and select the “All Tasks Complete” alert. 
  • Resolving a ticket while some tasks remain open should only be done when the associated task is tangential to the overall ticket, and if the task assignee agrees the ticket can be completed. 

Closing tickets with no customer response

When tickets remain in the “Waiting for Customer” status with no response from the customer for more than 5 days, they should be moved to “Resolved.” Please add a comment alerting the customer of the change in status due to no response and that they still have another 7 days to respond before a new ticket would need to be created. 

Replies to forwarded TDX emails

Customers may forward TeamDynamix emails to additional users, and those additional users are able to reply to the ticket, which will add a comment to the ticket feed. However, this does not automatically add the new user to the ticket for future notifications. If you receive a notification that someone not listed on the original ticket has replied, check with the original customer to see if the additional person should receive future updates. If so, users with existing accounts can be added as a contact under the People tab on the ticket. External users without TDX accounts must be added manually using the “Other Email Addresses” field in the ticket update.