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Heritage College Research Council

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ECG Management assisted the Heritage College in a research strategy project. Phase 1 of the project, which concluded in December 2021, included the recommendation of the development of a research council. The Heritage College Research Council, organized in February 2022, was established to advise the Heritage College and OHIO leadership on research policies, practices and strategy to facilitate continued growth in the college’s research enterprise. In Spring 2022, a charter was developed and an introductory meeting of the Research Council was held. Since that time, the Heritage College Research Council has been serving as the steering committee for Phase 2 of the research strategy project.

Research Council Charter


Initially, the research council will serve as an ad hoc College committee.

Formal Charges

As an advisory council, the Heritage College Research Council has the responsibility to recommend and prioritize initiatives and mechanisms to develop, promote and administer the strategic research mission of the College and advise OHIO leadership. This council is expected to nurture discovery and knowledge application for the benefit of society and to promote sustained growth of the Heritage College’s dynamic and innovative research enterprise. Expectations include:

  1. Inform the development and implementation of the Heritage College research strategy;
  2. Monitor the overall research environment including progress towards Heritage College stated research mission, vision, and goals;
  3. Provide recommendations to improve research performance and capacity building;
  4. Inform and promote awareness of research policies, initiatives and resources;
  5. Provide a forum for discussion of new research initiatives and recommend new initiatives to achieve strategic research goals;
  6. Develop recognition programs to raise the impact and visibility of the research enterprise;
  7. Make recommendations for external partnerships and mentoring;
  8. Share and receive information, concerns and feedback from college, department and affiliated institute stakeholders.

The Executive Dean will appoint a Chair and members to serve on the Council. The Associate Dean of Research and Innovation for the Heritage College will initially serve as the Chair of the Council for a 2-year term. Members are the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation; the Dean of the Heritage College, Athens campus; faculty representatives of Heritage College (DI, ITDI, OMNI) and associated (ADVANCE) institutes each serving 2-year terms, and two at-large members serving 2-year terms.  Non-voting ad hoc members include the Executive Dean of the Heritage College and the Vice President for Research and Creative Activity.  Membership will re-examined the charter every two years. 

Frequency of Meetings

The members of the council will meet once per quarter or more often as needed as called by the Chair.

Meeting Agenda and Supporting Materials

A written agenda with appropriate documents will be distributed to each member prior to each meeting.

Committee Minutes

Minutes for each meeting will be recorded and maintained by the Office of Research and Grants.

Staff Support

The Office of Research and Grants will provide direct staff assistance to the council.

Research Council Membership

MemberPositionTerm End Date
Darlene Berryman, PhD, RD, LDChair 
Berkeley Franz, PhDMember6/30/25
Zelalem Haile, PhDMember6/30/26
Ken Johnson, DONon-Voting Ad Hoc 
Yuanjie Mao, MD, PhDMember6/30/25
Erin Murphy, PhDMember6/30/25
Eric Muth, PhDNon-Voting Ad Hoc 
Pat O'Connor, PhDMember6/30/25
Vishwajeet Puri, PhDMember6/30/25
Tracy Shaub, DOMember6/30/25
Nathan Szewczyk, PhDMember6/30/25