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Genomics graphic of dna strands
Genomics Facility

Genomics Facility

The facility offers Next-Generation Sequencing services, Sanger sequencing, Fragment Analysis, qPCR, data analysis, and much more to the researchers of Ohio University as well as the outside research community.

Illumina MiSeq is a benchtop Next-Generation Sequencing platform

Illumina MiSeq

A benchtop Next-Generation Sequencing platform that uses Illumina’s sequencing by synthesis chemistry

Applied Biosystems 3130xL Genetic Analyzer

ABI 3130xL Genetic Analyzer

Applied Biosystems 3130xL Genetic Analyzer: the workhorse of Ohio University's Genomics Facility

Ion Torrent PGM enrichment station and server

Ion Torrent PGM

Uses semiconductor technology to monitor the addition of nucleotides to create sequence data