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Ohio In-State Residency

Applying for Financial Aid

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So you want to be an Ohio resident?

Residency for tuition is not an automatic process. You must take steps to establish residency, and then document those by filing a residency petition. The information contained here is intended to assist you in taking the appropriate steps to demonstrate your intent to become an Ohio resident. A copy of the Ohio Residency policy is in the Graduate Catalog.

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According to the policy, a resident of Ohio is any person who maintains a consecutive 12-month place or places of residence in Ohio, is qualified to vote in Ohio, who may be subjected to tax liability in Ohio, and who has not allowed himself or herself to remain a resident of any other state or nation for any of these or other purposes .

* If you intend to declare yourself a resident of Ohio, you must demonstrate that you have established residency in Ohio for a full year prior to filing a residency petition with the Office of Graduate Student Services.

The following steps will help you establish your intent to declare yourself a resident of Ohio:

  • Car is registered in Ohio.
  • Obtained an Ohio driver’s license.
  • Registered to vote in Ohio and did not vote in another state for 12 consecutive months prior to filing residency petition.
  • State and federal income taxes filed in Ohio as a resident of Ohio (with current Ohio address, this includes taxable interest income).
  • If you need to file income taxes in another state, file as non-resident or part-year resident (indicating residency of other state ceased upon date moved to Ohio); also file as part-year resident in Ohio.
  • Maintained a permanent residence in Ohio for 12 consecutive months prior to petitioning for Ohio resident status.
  • Proved that you are financially self-supported. You cannot receive direct or indirect financial support from persons or entities who are not residents of Ohio.
  • You cannot be claimed as a dependent for tax purposes by anyone who is not a resident of Ohio.
  • Consider Ohio your permanent residence.

*This includes retaining a driver’s license or car registration in another state, voting in another state, or filing taxes as a resident in another state.

Remember, you must show that you have established yourself as a resident of Ohio for a full year prior to petitioning for residency. If you have any questions about Ohio residency, contact Dr. Katherine Tadlock, director of graduate student services, at

Actions which call into question legitimacy of claim of residency:*

  • Filing taxes as a full-year resident of another state.

  • Accepting a PLUS loan or other substantial support from a parent or non-Ohio resident.
  • Failing to maintain a 12-month place of residence in Ohio.
  • Working outside Ohio and not subjecting income to Ohio taxation.
  • If student owns a car, it must be registered in the state of Ohio, and proof of car insurance and an Ohio driver's license is needed. (If student drives a car but does not own it, these requirements do not apply.)
  • Claiming a non-Ohio address as permanent place of residence.
  • Inability to demonstrate financial independence.

*This is not an inclusive list. Incomplete documentation or documentation which fails to meet the state residency regulations may result in a denial of Ohio residency.

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