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Loan Repayment Modules

Loan Repayment Information

Paul Garrard is founder and president of PGPresents, an independent student loan consulting company under contract with our school to provide you with free educational debt management help and support. He is one of the most well-respected educational debt management experts in the country, especially among medical students, residents and fellows. He has more than 30 years of experience in higher education and student financial assistance.

Listed below are 23 loan repayment modules that will be extremely helpful to you. You can watch all 23 or choose the ones most relevant to you. When you click on the links, the PowerPoint presentation will open. Click Slideshow, then click From Beginning to start the slideshow. The presentations have audio embedded, so make sure your speakers are on when watching the modules.

Loan repayment modules

Module 1 - Introduction and Repayment Reminders 2:46

Module 2 - Three Questions you Must Answer 1:15 

Module 3 - Upcoming Decisions and Sample Repayment Strategies 5:11

Module 4 - Your Student Loan Portfolio 6:05

Module 5 - Interest Rates and Changes to Capitalization 5:20 

Module 6 - Student Debt Relief Plan and the CARES Act 6:10

Module 7 - Loan Servicers and Payment Application 6:44

Module 8 -Importance of Monthly Interest Due 5:42

Module 9 - Repayment Plans for Federal Loans 4:14

Module 10 - Income-Driven Repayment Plans 11:57

Module 11 - PAYE versus REPAYE 10:53

Module 12 - Married Borrowers and Repayment 6:44

Module 13 - $0 Calculated Payments with Income Plans 5:24

Module 14 - Repayment Calculators 10:36

Module 15 - Public Service Loan Forgiveness 8:18

Module 16 - Starting Repayment and PSLF Early 6:05

Module 17 - Postponing Payments During Training 5:19

Module 18 - Federal Consolidation 7:34

Module 19 - Refinancing with Private Lenders 10:45

Module 20 - You didn't match, Now What? 4:41

Module 21- Changing Strategies and Repayment Plans 6:14

Module 22- Closing Tips to Selecting a Repayment Strategy 3:16

Module 23- Sample Repayment 6:09

PGPresents Presentations

Married borrowers presentation recording 2022-23

1st- and 2nd-year loan repayment session recording 2022-23

4th-year loan repayment session recording 2022-23

PGPresents Fact Sheets and Reference Guides

Simple Steps to a Repayment Strategy

PAYE versus SAVE

Married Borrowers and Repayment

How to Get a $0 IDR Payment

Repayment Calculators

AAMC Medloans Organizer and Calculator Fact Sheet

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Federal Consolidation

Refinancing with Private Lenders


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