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Class of 2024 Graduate Profile: Milo Co

April 30, 2024
HCOM graduate Milo Co

Class of 2024 graduate Milo Co is from Rocky River, a small suburb on the west side of Cleveland. He received a bachelor's in biology from Cleveland State University. He matched in internal medicine at Doctors Hospital in Columbus.

What are you most excited about as you take your next step in your career?

I am super excited to be a part of the health care community and help others by putting to practice the knowledge I obtained over the past several years. I have always wanted to live and work in Columbus, which makes me thrilled to start the next chapter in my medical career!

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, what would it be?

I would tell myself to worry less and enjoy the journey, as well as to be proud of the achievements I have made along the way, no matter how small they seem.

What led you to a career in medicine?

I have always had a passion and interest for medicine since I was young, however the experiences I had volunteering and working at the research lab is what truly inspired me to pursue a career in medicine.

How would you describe your time at HCOM?

I loved my time at HCOM despite constantly being busy. I found myself adapting to the new lifestyle and environment more each year. I have since created many long-lasting and meaningful relationships. Living in Athens was a cool experience; it is a beautiful city with many things to do. 

Looking back on medical school, what were your most important experiences?

The most important experience for me was the friends I made throughout my journey. I met many important people who have been crucial to my success in medical school. During my clinical years, being able to help the patients with the knowledge I learned was extremely rewarding and really made me understand my contributions as a member of the health care team. 

Tell us about your inspirations in life.

My dad is my biggest inspiration, as I have learned so much from him, and he has always been there when I needed help. He has set many examples for me and taught me a lot about having a strong mindset. I was able to take on the stress of medical school and thrive because of what I learned from him. 

Were you involved in research? If so, could you share more about what you worked on?

I worked on gene mutations in hematological cancers during my time at the Cleveland Clinic. Throughout medical school, I participated in the Research and Scholarly Advancement Fellowship where I explored the relationship between ATP and small cell lung cancer. I plan to participate in research as a resident as well in the near future.

Who has helped you along the way? Is there anyone you want to recognize?

Many people around me have helped me throughout my journey, especially my friends and family. I would like to recognize my parents for always being there for me, my girlfriend for always listening and my roommate Alex for the friendly competition in medical school. 

What hobbies do you have?

I played hockey throughout high school and undergraduate college, and I still try to play whenever I can. I love driving around and exploring the city. I consider myself a food enthusiast and have recently taken on cooking.