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School of Dance, Film, and Theater

Ryan Wilson

MFA 2012, Film

(740) 593-1323

Ryan Wilson

MFA 2012, Film

Ryan Wilson grew up in Auburn, ME, where he became interested in
making films when he was 13 years old. He graduated with an AAS in
Video Technology at Southern Maine Technical College in 2003 and a BA
in Media Writing at the University of Southern Maine in 2007.

During this time, he has written several satirical scripts for both play
festivals and short film. As a filmmaker, he is attracted to the irrelevance
of gender roles and stereotypes, and frequently finds himself writing feminist
pieces that allow greater action from women and less domination from
men. He is very interested in acting and has been performing in both
school and local plays, as well as short film, for more than half his life. He
wishes to continue writing and producing film for as far as it will
take him.

You can check out Ryan's writings on the Examiner website.


  Sanguinaria Director/Writer/Editor experimental short 4 min  
  The Place in Between Director/Writer/Editor narrative short 8 min  
  Ad Noctum Co-Director/Co-Writer narrative short 10 min  
  Curiouser and Curiiouser Director/Writer/Editor narrative short 8 min  
  How Goes the World? It Wears, Sir, as it Grows Director/Editor documentary short 14 min 2010
  I Awoke to the Sounds of Someone Watching Director/Writer/Editor narrative short 9 min 2010
  Dream with the Worms Director/Writer/Editor narrative short 4 min 2009
  The House on the Edge of the Pond Co-Director/Co-Writer narrative short 60 min 2008
  The Lab Coat Writer/Director narrative short 5 min 2007
  Born Again Co-Director/Writer narrative short   2006
  Fumble Co-Director/Co-Writer narrative 90 min 2006
  Holy Toaster Writer/Co-Editor narrative short   2004
  42 42 Long Director/DP/Co-Editor narrative short   2004
  Johnson & Johnson Co-Writer/Co-Editor narrative short   2004
  Saving Private Ryan Wilson II Co-Director/Co-Writer/Co-Editor narrative 45 min 2003
  The Choirboy Co-Writer narrative short 16 min 2003
  Xtreme Biking Co-Director/Co-Writer/Co-Editor narrative short   2003
  Frank & John Director/Writer/DP/Editor narrative short   2002
  Saving Private Ryan Wilson Co-Director/Co-Writer narrative 15 min 1999
  Thanksgiving Co-Writer narrative 18 min 1998

Educational Background:

BA Media Writing, University of Southern Maine AAS Video Production, Southern Maine Technical College