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Two people in a room engaging in a vocal examination using red straws
Vocal Wellness Program
Supporting the success of all voice performers in the College of Fine Arts

Vocal Wellness Program

Ohio University Vocal Wellness Program

The Vocal Wellness Program (VWP) in the School of Music at Ohio University is a collaboration between the Voice Division and the Division of Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences in the College of Health Sciences and Professions. This innovative program was initiated in 2023 through an 1804 grant from Ohio University’s Research Division.

The VWP operates in Glidden Hall, and provides baseline voice examinations as well as acute and post-acute examinations free of charge for students in the College of Fine Arts enrolled or participating in voice, choral or acting coursework in the college. Examinations are conducted by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) and include perceptual, aerodynamic and acoustic analyses, as well as indirect imaging of the voice using laryngoscopic video stroboscopy. The program is voluntary and all resulting student information is protected under FERPA guidelines.

Vocal Wellness Program Appointments

Regular appointments are held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays during the Fall and Spring semesters in Glidden Hall Rm. 383.

Make an appointment now

For acute voice situations, requesting an appointment outside of regular schedule, or other questions, contact Dr. Kennedy-Dygas directly via email:


The mission of the Vocal Wellness Program at Ohio University is to elevate the vocal development of voice performers in the College of Fine Arts by providing comprehensive voice examinations for the education and advisement of students, therapy for functional or rehabilitative voice disorders, and referral for medical diagnosis and treatment planning.


The Vocal Wellness Program will support the success of all voice performers in the College of Fine Arts, as well as enhancing the national recognition of Ohio University’s performance and speech language pathology programs, by providing evidence-based voice evaluation, care, medical referral and rehabilitation within the School of Music.


  1. Vocal performance students (singing and speech) at Ohio University are vocal athletes and need support equivalent to physical support for athletes on sports teams.
  2. Since Ohio University is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) and the National Association of Schools of Theater (NAST), the institution has agreed to comply with all accreditation standards, including ongoing education and safety protections for student performing artists, which includes provision for understanding and preventing voice disorders.
  3. Students in rural southeastern Ohio need and deserve direct and timely access to care for voice disorders.
  4. The resources of the Vocal Wellness Program enhance the training of future singers, actors, voice teachers, speech language pathologists, and researchers, providing cutting edge interdisciplinary preparation for entry into competitive fields.
  5. The Vocal Wellness Program provides a context for new collaborative initiatives for students and faculty in the two sponsoring colleges.

Advisory Committee

Margaret Kennedy-Dygas, D.M., CCC-SLP, Chair, School of Music

Youngsun Kim, PhD, CCC-SLP, Co-Chair, School of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences

Matthew Talbert, PhD, Director, School of Music

Debra Rentz, M.M., School of Music

Daniel Stein, D.M.A., School of Music

Justin Swain, M.M., M.A., School of Music

Martin Spencer, M.A., CCC-SLP, Ohio ENT & Allergy Physicians

Michelle Toth Soummers, M.A., CCC-SLP, Ohio State University Voice & Swallowing Clinic

John McCarthy, PhD, CCC-SLP, FNAP, Dean, College of Health Sciences and Professions

Matthew Shaftel, PhD, Dean, College of Fine Arts


Contact Us

Margaret Kennedy-Dygas

Director of the VWP
Margaret Kennedy-Dygas, D.M., CCC-SLP
Professor of Music

Youngsun Kim

Associate Director of the VWP
Youngsun Kim, PhD, CCC-SLP
Professor of Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences

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