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Emerging Projects

Our Emerging Projects & Partnerships

Our Emerging Projects & Partnerships

Reflective Practitioner Workshop

CoArts is partnered with OHIO’s Experiential Learning office to design and teach Better Bobcat Stories, a hands-on workshop for student recipients of the Undergraduate Experiential Learning Award. Hosted in the School of Art + Design’s TypeShop and Bindery, this workshop introduces students to reflective writing, drawing, diagramming, and other arts-based practices. Each student assists with the printing of their own journal.

Arts in Health & Medicine at OHIO

CoArts is developing a University-wide alliance supporting research, pedagogy, and engagement at the intersections of arts, community health, and osteopathic medicine. This includes partnering with the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine to create the nation’s first arts campus within the setting of an osteopathic medical college.

No Country for Old Murals

An ongoing research project about the importance of rural identities within contemporary social and spatial practices. This project asks: when might urban-centric modes of social engagement and placemaking transfer to rural settings, and when does their transference cause damage or harm? How can cultural practices help rural citizens resist the privileging of economic drivers in defining the value of our communities? What are the social and cultural responsibilities of rural public universities and other anchor institutions?

After launching this project as a session at the 2020 College Art Association Conference, Dodd and Sprunger regularly offer public talks and workshops of the research.

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