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Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing Options

For OHIO departments needing temporary staff, a variety of options exists to meet an array of needs. Whether your department needs someone tomorrow or needs control over a specific search, our processes are here to help your department succeed.  For more information regarding temporary, term, intermittent, and regular appointments, please refer to policy 40.106.


Ohio Ready Staff

OHIO Ready Staff is part of Finance and Administration and allows any OHIO department to request full- or part-time, temporary administrative or accounting assistance for a flat hourly rate. All OHIO Ready Staff members are internal employees and are fully training on a variety of internal policies, procedures, and systems (including Oracle, Concur, Bobcat Buy, Peoplesoft and more!).

For more information, contact Mindy Colburn at 740.597.3269 or colburnm@ohio.edu.

Ideal when…you need someone fully trained on internal processes and systems to assist with peak business periods, leave coverage, and more. 

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Search Via PeopleAdmin

As with regular, intermittent and other position types, all OHIO departments also have the ability to conduct searches for temporary positions (less than 120 days) and term positions (120 days – 3 years) through our applicant tracking system, PeopleAdmin. Doing so follows the same process as other searches including having a position description vetted by Compensation, posting a search through PeopleAdmin, reviewing and screening applicants, and submitting a hiring proposal.

For more information, contact your departmental hiring manager or your HR liaison. 

Ideal when…you have a unique need and would like full control over the search and hiring processes.    

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Contract with InGenesis

Ohio University has exclusively contracted with InGenesis for third-party temporary staffing services. By partnering with InGenesis, departments are guaranteed placement of external candidates into standard administrative and accounting assistance within 24 hours at a flat hourly rate or into non-standard, customized positions within 72 hours, also with a locked-in pricing structure.

To see a list of departmental users with current access to the InGenesis hiring system, Fieldglass Flex, contact your HR liaison.

Ideal when…time is of the essence!  

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Temporary Staffing Through InGenesis

For OHIO departments who wish to hire temporary staff through an outside agency, Ohio University has signed an exclusive contract with InGenesis. To learn more about temporary staffing through InGenesis, please review the information below.

For information about entering requisitions for temporary labor in to Bobcat Buy, please review the Bobcat Buy procedures at the bottom of this page. For questions or technical assistance, please review the contact information at the bottom of this page.


Standard Positions: Administrative Services and Accounting Support

The most common requests for temporary staff include administrative services and accounting support. OHIO’s contract with InGenesis recognizes this need and provides set job descriptions, pay rates, and turnaround times for both positions. The standard descriptions are written to align with standard classified positions and the pay rates align with University compensation guidelines while providing a reduced bill rate to departments.


Non-Standard Positions

In addition to the standard temporary positions, departments can request temporary staff for non-standard or custom positions through InGenesis.

In order to ensure that non-standard positions align with fair market value and OHIO’s compensation structure, departments may submit a temporary position description to Compensation for evaluation prior to submitting the request to InGenesis through Fieldglass Flex. 


Personnel Management

In some situations, departments may have a need for temporary staffing and already have a preferred candidate in mind (for example, a past employee who has unique knowledge or skillsets to help with a one-time project, but who is not eligible for an internal waiver).

In such cases, as InGenesis is only responsible for the onboarding and payroll management – not any search processes – departments are only responsible for a reduced bill rate (for both standard and non-standard positions). 

Standard Administrative
Services Generalist

Position DescriptionStandard admin. services PD [Word]

Pay rate to employee: $12.53/hour

Bill rate to departments: $16.33/hour

Guaranteed turnaround time: 24 hours

Standard Accounting
Support Specialist

Position DescriptionStandard acct. support PD [Word]

Pay rate to employee: $13.45/hour

Bill rate to departments: $17.43/hour

Guaranteed turnaround time: 24 hours

Non-Standard Temporary Positions

Position Description: Departments may choose to submit a blank temporary position description form [Word] to Compensation for mapping to ensure that hourly rate aligns with our internal structure. Once ready for submission, the completed temporary position description form should be emailed to the InGenesis PMO Team at OHIO@InGenesis.com

Pay rate to employee: varied based on market value.

Bill rate to departments: 30.32% markup on pay rate.

Guaranteed turnaround time: 72 hours

For questions regarding the process for temporary, non-standard staffing through InGenesis, please contact your HR Liaison.

Personnel Management

Position Description (For Non-standard positions): Departments may submit blank temporary position description form [Word] to Compensation for mapping prior to contacting InGenesis.

Position Description (For standard positions): When applicable, standard administrative and account position descriptions and pay rates will apply.

Bill rate to departments: 26% markup on pay rate

Guaranteed turnaround time: 24 hours

Ideal when…you have a standard administrative or accounting need and time is of the essence! 

Request Standard Temporary Staff 

Ideal when…you have a non-standard need and time is of the essence!  

Request Non-standard Temporary Staff 

Ideal when…you have a preferred candidate for a temporary need.

Request Temp Personnel Management

Contact Information

If you are familiar with InGenesis and are ready to place a request for temporary staff, please log in to FieldglassFlex. For questions, please refer to the contact list below: 

Entering Requisitions for Temporary Staff into Bobcat Buy

In the Internal Forms section of BobcatBUY, select the Services Agreement form, then follow the steps below:

  • In the Form Name field - replace the default name with a name relevant to the temporary position being filled.
  • Under Form Type - select Services Agreement.
  • Search and find the Supplier “InGenesis.”
  • Under Add Attachment - attach a screenshot in .pdf format of the job posting confirmation in Fieldglass Flex. (To do this, you may print the website and change the printer or destination to “print to PDF.”)
  • For the Service Start Date and Service End Date - estimate the start and end dates of the temporary assignment.
  • For the Detailed Description of Services - be as specific as possible including the job title and candidate name, if known. 

NOTE: There is no need to worry about the contract, it is already executed. Insurance has already been vetted by Purchasing.

Requesting Systems Access for Temporary Staff

Contingent workers are eligible for Guest Access through OIT, including an OHIO email address; additional information is available via the OIT Guest Access Options website.

Contingent workers who specifically need access to JET and/or the Oracle EBIZ Suite must have an assignment record created by University Human Resources in order to request systems access through OIT. To submit the record and access request, please complete the online request form. Please note: if you are requesting a contingent worker assignment record, OIT will automatically provision an OHIO ID and email as is done for all standard employees. If you are requesting a contingent assignment record for someone who already has guest access through OIT, that guest user information must be provided in the request form.