19.054: Equipment Inventory Control




June 21, 2017

Initiated by:

Julie Allison | Assistant Vice President for Finance

Endorsed by:

Deborah Shaffer | VP for Finance & Administration

Approved by:

David Descutner | Interim President

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  1. Overview

    This policy establishes a process for the recording, identification, and accountability for:

    1.  University owned movable equipment items having a minimum cost of five thousand dollars each and a useful life of over one year. This includes donated items and purchases with university funds, grants or gifts (green tag items);

    2.  Sponsor owned equipment (red tag items) in compliance with "Federal Acquisition Regulation" (FAR) and "Uniform Guidance" (UG).

  2. Responsibilities

    The responsibility for equipment accountability is assigned to the appropriate administrator (in academic areas this is, typically the department chair; school center or institute director; or dean). In the rest of this policy, "department" will be used to refer to the administrative or academic area of accountability and its responsible leader.

    Departments are responsible for certifying the accuracy of equipment inventory records on a biennial basis for green tag items and on an annual basis for red tag items.

    It is the responsibility of the division of finance to maintain proper equipment records and to ensure that all items of equipment meeting the criteria in this policy are identified by assigning a tag number.

  3. Departments must report changes in the status of equipment

    Changes in the status of equipment must be reported to the division of finance by the department that was accountable for the equipment. The equipment status change form is to be used for this purpose. Status changes are to be reported as they occur.

    Examples of status changes:

    1. Stolen

    2. Scrapped (i.e., sent to campus recycling)

    3. Traded in

    4. Returned to vendor

    5. Transferred to another department due to reorganization

    6. Transferred to another responsible person

    7. Relocated to a different room or building

    All equipment that is considered surplus is to be disposed of by contacting the moving and surplus department.

  4. Use of equipment off campus

    Tagged equipment may be removed from campus only with the permission of the department. Equipment taken off campus must be under the supervision of an employee of the university. The request to take equipment off campus form must be filled out and a copy sent to the division of finance prior to taking equipment off campus, and again when the equipment is returned.

  5. Audits

    Equipment inventories will be periodically audited by external auditors, internal auditors and university accounting personnel. Therefore, it is imperative that all transactions affecting movable equipment be properly recorded.

  6. Procedures

    The procedures for equipment inventory control are at the following websites:

    1. University owned equipment:

    2. Sponsor owned equipment:


Proposed revisions of this policy should be reviewed by:

  1. Controller

  2. CFAO's

  3. Faculty Senate

  4. Deans