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Primary Care Associateship

Primary Care Associates 

Go above and beyond

Primary Care Associates spend an additional year on their medical education, during which time they are teaching, tutoring and mentoring first- and second-year medical students; enriching their clinical skills and experiences in primary care and osteopathic manipulative medicine clinics; and developing a scholarly project for publication and/or presentation at a national conference.

  • PCAs receive mentorship from the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Office of Faculty Development to develop skills as effective junior faculty members.
  • PCAs receive a tuition waiver, student health insurance and a generous stipend throughout their fourth and fifth years of medical school.
  • Primary Care PCAs are primarily involved in group facilitation, clinical skills labs and other medical knowledge teaching. They serve on the Athens campus.
  • Primary Care/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) PCAs do the same for half of their time, and the other half is spent teaching and tutoring in osteopathic manipulative medicine. They serve on all three campuses.

Athens Primary Care Associates

CeCelia Hanline Headshot
CeCelia Hanline
Lauren Leesman headshot
Lauren Leesman
Madeleine Sorrick headshot
Madeleine Sorrick

Cleveland Dual Primary Care Associates

Jude Fahoum headshot
Jude Fahoum
Christian Lowery headshot
Christian Lowery
Elizabeth Rodhe headshot
Elizabeth Rodhe

 Dublin Dual Primary Care Associates

Andrew Fernandez headshot
Andrew Fernandez
Cara Palusak headshot
Cara Palusak
Madison Rose-Malkamaki headshot
Madison Rose-Malkamaki
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