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Heritage College Identification

Heritage College ID Badge Protocol

Identification badges (IDs) are issued to all Heritage College students. The IDs for all Heritage College Year I through Year IV students are yellow. Post Baccalaureate student badges are orange.

Each Photo ID for Heritage College students will indicate the following:

  • Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • College Logo
  • Student First and Last Name
  • Class of 20__
  • Expiration Date
  • Student Personal Identification Number
  • ISO Number
  • Honor Code
  • Lost Card Information


The following requirements related to the Heritage College ID must be adhered to by all students:

  1. Must be worn in an easily visible location at all times while on campus and/or in clinical settings.
  2. Access may be denied to facilities such as the Learning Resource Center, etc., if a valid ID is not visible or presented. When in the LRC, students must present their Heritage College ID for identification purposes and when checking out materials.
  3. A lost, stolen or damaged Heritage College ID must be reported immediately to the Office of Student Affairs for Year I and Year II students, and to the Office of Medical Education for Year III and Year IV students. If the ID is lost after business hours, contact the Ohio University Police Department at 740-593-1911 so that the badge can be deactivated. Arrangements must be made by the student for another ID to be processed. Privileges associated with this ID may be denied if arrangements to have a duplicate badge issued are not made promptly.
  4. A replacement fee will be charged if the Heritage College ID is lost, stolen or defaced.
  5. If a student changes their last name and has submitted the required name change information to the Office of Student Affairs, a new Heritage College ID must be issued.
  6. Year III and Year IV students who are required to wear hospital ID cards at their clinical sites must also visibly wear their Heritage College IDs.
  7. Unauthorized possession, use or reproduction of an Heritage College ID may constitute theft or misappropriation of Heritage College property and will be grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination of enrollment or prosecution by law.
  8. For information on the Ohio University Preferred Name Policy and Procedures, please see the Ohio University Student Handbook Section 12.021.


Photos for ID badges will be collected during the admissions interview process and will be used for all four years at the Heritage College.

Replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged Heritage College ID for Year III and Year IV students while at their clinical site locations will be arranged by the Administrators.


Main Contact Heritage College ID Badges: Please contact Amanda Mansfield.


Campus Student Affairs Contacts: 

Athens Students: For more campus-specific questions, please contact Sarah Lawrence.

Cleveland Students: For more campus-specific questions, please contact Rachel Moore.

Dublin Students: For more campus-specific questions, please contact Dr. Kayla Duty.



Cleveland Clinic ID Badges


In addition to receiving a Heritage College ID, all students based at the Cleveland campus are also required to obtain a Cleveland Clinic ID Badge. Things to note about your Cleveland Clinic Badge:

  • By June 1, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access and complete the Cleveland Clinic onboarding process. Upon completion of the onboarding tasks, you will be authorized to obtain a Cleveland Clinic ID badge. 
  • All individuals must wear a valid Cleveland Clinic ID badge while on the property. 
  • Your badge is necessary to enter classrooms and other restricted spaces on campus. 
  • There will be a $30 replacement fee for any lost badge. 

For more information about the Cleveland Clinic ID Badge, please contact Terra Ndubuizu.